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Top 15 Tips for Creating Deep Connection at Events & Retreats Handbook 

This 25-Page Handbook is for YOU if You Want to Discover My Top Tips For Building Connection and Community Compiled From Over 10 Years of Organizing World-Class Events, like Mindvalley Events and A-Fest!
Whether you're organizing live or virtual events, if you implement just a few of the ideas and strategies in this handbook, you will dramatically improve the overall quality of your event and experience of your guests. Learn the secret sauce that turns attendees into raving fans and eagerly signing up for your next event!  
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About Tanya Lopez (The Author!):  

Tanya Lopez is an event strategist, experience designer and certified coach & facilitator who has been organizing transformational events for the past 10 years. 
She weaves magic, connection and beauty into the way we gather and celebrate our lives. From high-end masterminds in Bali and themed dinner parties in castles to spiritual adventure retreats and rites of passage rituals and ceremonies, she's created what many call "the best experience of my life."
She's the previous head of Global Events for Mindvalley and Creative Director of A-Fest. Today, she consults entrepreneurs and coaches to create profitable and transformational programs that build their business, brand and community.

""While head of Mindvalley events, Tanya’s leadership, vision and creativity helped make A-Fest THE personal growth and entrepreneurship conference to attend — described as an epic “Burning Man meets TedX” event, Tanya always brought the WOW factor that left guests awed and talking about their experience for years. With a sharp business sense and strategic vision, she also led efforts in scaling and growing A-Fest by expanding to Asia and Europe — all while receiving off-the-charts feedback and ratings, significantly growing profits and revenue and helping to create and nurture a global Tribe. Over our many years of working together, I’ve come to trust Tanya to create one-of-a-kind simply amazing events and experiences that take people through a deep journey and creating lasting impact and transformation.""

Vishen Lakhiani
Founder, Mindvalley & A-Fest + NYT Best-Selling Author

"Over the last decade, I've played over 1,000 events in 40+ countries from Coachella to the UN. What makes working on events with Tanya unique is that she truly creates an experience that sticks with you forever. Creating an event in 2021 and breaking through all the noise is more difficult than ever -- Tanya is an ace at it, simply because her event design creates meaningful memories that transform lives. From underground caves and epic venues to immersive sensory adventure rooms, some of the highlights of my career have been with Tanya. Beyond her experience of successful events, she contains one of the rarest gifts in the events industry -- the passion, heart and strong WHY she brings. She truly cares about building strong communities to create a more beautiful world.""

David Block
Artist, Producer & Experience Designer

""I've worked with hundreds of planners in my last 15 years as an entertainer. To take an event and make it an epic experience that bonds tribes, is Tanya’s forte. It would be an honor for anyone to learn from her when it comes to event design. I’ve often wondered how she comes up with such mind-blowing ideas, and then pulls it off, effortlessly. She has a gift of getting things executed and put together like very few can do.""

Sammy Taggett
Artist & Entrepreneur

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