Creating Transformational Events and Experiences that Bring Beauty, Connection and Expansion into the World is My Absolute Passion. 


I'm an experience designer and event producer who has been organizing immersive events and experiences around the world for 10 years + that many attendees call “the best experience of their lives.”

I design and host epic spiritual adventure trips, mentor others on how to create awe-inspiring events to further their business goals and provide event production and consulting services for large scale events for brands and companies that want to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for their community. 

My experience includes previously leading the Mindvalley Events division, helping to create and scale the company’s signature event A-Fest and later serving as its Creative Director, organizing it 11 times over 6 years all over the world. 

In my earlier professional years, I worked for high-profile companies and clients like Nike, NBC Universal, Neiman Marcus and the Emmy Awards in the areas of events, marketing and corporate communications. 

Event Design Mentorship

Designing transformational events and turning events into experiences is my passion. With over 10 years of global event production experience including previous Event Director for Mindvalley and Creative Director for A-Fest, I’ve designed experiential events that many attendees call “the best experience of my life.” 

Live events can serve as an incredible vehicle for brands to create unbreakable bonds and transformative experiences within their community. 

In my 12-week Event Design Mentorship program, I take you through my personalized framework built over 10 years that covers the essentials that set you up for success as well as advanced tips that usually take years to discover. 

If you’re interested in organizing live events on your own or within your team rather than outsource, this course is created for you and will have you designing and executing WOW events within a few short months. 

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Event & Experience Production and Consulting


I’m a creative, collaborative, results-driven production partner who brings the WOW factor. Whether for corporate or private clients, the passion and expertise that goes into my hand-crafted events deliver an unforgettable world-class experience to partners and attendees. 

While working for the past decade in creating transformational events such as A-Fest and other Mindvalley events, I've developed the unique ability to do so on a global scale having organized events from 20 to 400+ people all around the world in over 15 countries. I’ve developed a global network of production partners, world-class artists and talent of all kinds to bring to life unique and highly innovative artistic and creative concepts that awe and transform attendees. 

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Sacred Journey: Egypt


It’s time to believe in magic again. 

Join us in Egypt for an Inner Temple retreat on the Nile and epic adventure into one of the most mystical and ancient civilizations of all time. 

For one week, we’ll explore the mythical land of pharaohs, temples and sacred sites, all while floating down the Nile on a private boat in the company of other like-minded seekers.

A once-in-a lifetime adventure, we’ll explore sacred rituals and practices to connect with and cultivate your Inner Temple and step into your highest self. 

From daily organic meals to desert camel rides and sunrise hot air balloon excursions. the rate is all-inclusive and every detail is taken care of for you. 

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