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Optimize Your Social Media to Attract Clients

Instagram Self-Audit and Checklist

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Ready to Shine Online? 

This Instagram Self-Audit and Checklist is for you if you are:

✓ Ready to show up more fully on social media and become more visible 

✓ Excited about how to use the power of social media as a free marketing platform to attract clients and opportunities 

✓ Curious about how to optimize your social media to make it a magnet for potential dream clients 

This instant download has powerful and easy-to-implement tips on how to optimize your bio, captions, stories and mindset to radically elevate your social media presence.

About The Author:  

Hi! I’m Tanya. 

I’m an event and business strategist who supports new and emerging wellness practitioners to package their expertise into a premium online coaching or consulting offer through my "Monetize My Magic" framework.

I found this path because, when covid hit, my live events business was crushed and I lost all my projects, clients and income from one week to the next. With the right support in place, I then pivoted my business by packaging my expertise into my first-ever online coaching offer which I booked out within 6 months with premium clients. 

And, I did it all using organic social media after overcoming my resistance around showing up online and self-promotion. 

I'd love to help you Monetize your Magic as well. 

My previous experience includes working in events and marketing for world-renowned companies like Mindvalley, Nike and NBC. Over the past 10 years, I’ve created world-class experiences around the world in the personal growth that many call “the best experience of my life.


"For years, I’ve wanted to create another income steam for myself with an online coaching offer but didn't manage to get it off the ground. Finally, working with Tanya, she helped me package my passions and skill set into a premium offer, that I can deliver online from anywhere in the world. It feels SO good to have multiple revenue streams and an amazing offer for clients in between my live events. Working with Tanya is just what I needed to help structure my skills and ideas into a 1:1 program, increase my rates and get comfortable with selling a premium offer. Thank you Tanya for this soul-aligned offer that I’m so excited to share with the world!"

Founder, Cynthia Travels Yoga Adventures

"When I was ready to grow my business and brand to the next level, Tanya helped me channel a vision for my soul-aligned business, identify steps to bring it to life, and uncover what was in the way. I was drawn to work with her for her business success track record as well as her female leadership. Her presence and guidance uncovered important insights and inspired action steps that made a significant difference in evolving my business and step even more into my leadership. Through our work together, I feel inspired, supported and more clear on my next steps and on how I want to show up in the world."


"Tanya helped me see through the clutter of my thoughts to find the path for my journey forward. I can now build my vision with tangible, easy to implement tools and challenges to examine who I am and what is the value I bring the world."

Producer / Storyteller

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