Monetize My Magic


LIVE 8-Week Group Program

July 28 - September 15

The program for aspiring and early stage coaches, consultants + wellness practitioners to create, launch and sell your online offer and deliver epic experiences to dream clients.

Monetize My Magic


LIVE 8-Week Group Program

July 28 - September 15

The program for aspiring and early-stage coaches and consultants to package your unique magic into a transformational offer, lay the foundations for your soul-aligned biz and call in dream clients.


Hi there, super star. 


I'm so glad you're here. 

If you're an aspiring or early-stage coach or consultant with a mission to share your unique gifts and magic with the world and ready to create a WOW transformational program, set the foundations for your soul-aligned business and deliver epic experiences to dream clients, you’re in the right place.

You CAN create the abundance, freedom and impact you're feeling called to. 

You CAN (and deserve to!) have a life and business on YOUR terms that is nothing short of magical.  


Ready for more abundance, impact, purpose and profit. 

To grow your business (and self!) in the highest alignment and step into the next empowered and expressed version of yourself. 

You’ve got the calling, desire and fire. And now, you’re ready for the activation, support and community to FLY.

"Tanya creates one-of-a-kind simply amazing  experiences that take people through a deep journey and create lasting impact and transformation."

~ Vishen Lakhiani, Founder of Mindvalley

Dream With Me and Imagine:

✓ Anchoring firmly into your leadership, self-belief and value and creating offers from a place of deep alignment and excitement. 

✓ Waking up to DM’s from dream clients saying YES, let's work together!

Charging nourishing rates with a clear path to a 6-figure biz - no more hustling or barely getting by with with one-off sessions, free coaching or low ball rates! 

Living by empowering mindset and energetic principles to create the life and business of your dreams. 

Discovering the art of sales and invitations, in a confident, empowered and heart-centered way that feels easeful. 

Creating a soul-aligned business following your heart's desire and soul's calling that  delivers deep transformation. 

Showing up consistently and confidently ready to share your offers from the social media mountaintops because you’re that LIT UP about your work. 

Having systems and strategies that generate consistent leads (without ads, a huge following or complex funnels) and set you up to grow and scale with ease. 

Sharing your unique magic, self-expression and bringing ALL of yourself to the table in a way that feels pleasurable and free.  

The Dream Can Be a Reality 


And I would love to support you in this journey so that you don't have to do it alone.  

In the early stages of entrepreneurship, it’s inevitable that doubts, insecurities, comparison, starter limbo, imposter syndrome, mindset blocks and other gunk comes up.  

Imagine having guidance and a community to lean into when fears or questions arise, like:

✘ What should I charge and how to feel confident in my rates? 

✘ How to launch and sell my program in a way that is clear and feels good

✘ What's my niche - I want to work with everyone! 

✘ How do I stand out in a crowded industry? 

✘ How do I explain exactly what I do that leads to sales and clients?

There’s no need to do it alone, wing it, or get overwhelmed with DIY strategies. 


Monetize My Magic

The program for aspiring and early-stage coaches, consultants and wellness practitioners to package your unique magic into an online offer, create your soul-aligned biz and work with dream clients. 




With Tanya’s leadership, vision and creativity, she always brings the WOW factor that leaves guests awed and talking about their experience for years. Over our many years of working together, I’ve come to trust Tanya to create one-of-a-kind simply amazing experiences that take people through a deep journey and creating lasting impact and transformation.

Vishen Lakhiani
NYT Best-Selling Author, CEO and Founder of Mindvalley

Tanya created a safe, non-judgmental space for me to dream, be flawed and vulnerable, and to evolve. She held, supported and pushed me when I needed it most. 

Through our work, I was able to build a vision for my future, implement new habits, confront deep rooted fears, and learn to love myself on a deeper level. I now feel empowered in a way that I couldn't have imagined. 

I recommend Tanya's work to anyone and everyone! 


Maria Reed Cave
Massachusettes, USA

Tanya helped me channel a vision for my soul-aligned business, bring it to life, and uncover what was in the way. What drew me to working with her was her track record of successful business experience as well as her female leadership.

With her guidance, I uncovered important insights and was inspired to take action that has made a significant difference in evolving my business and stepping further into my leadership.

Through our work, I feel inspired, supported and more clear on my next steps and on how I want to show up in the world.

Mariana Grace
Next Level Coach and Hypnotherapist

Feel a HELL YES and inner knowing that this is just what you need and desire?

Here’s what you’ll get:

Expert guidance & support from a certified coach, business consultant, experience designer and event strategist (yes, I wear and own ALL those hats!) who’s curated what many call “the best experience of my life” 

A Strategic know-how and breakdown of business models, lead generation, market research, launching, offer creation, product suite, messaging and more

Mindset and energetic principles to support your entrepreneurship and personal growth journey and all its many facets

Behind the scenes secrets of experience design and client delivery that brings the WOW factor for your program to shine and stand out in the noise 

Systems and processes that generate ongoing leads and “I’m ready to work with you!” messages


The Monetize My Magic Accelerator Curriculum

LIVE 8-Week Group Program  
 July 28 - September 15

Module 1 

Magnetic Mindset + Biz Foundations for Success

✓  Entrepreneurship is a deep personal growth journey. Claim your CEO identity and lay the foundation for an empowered mindset to help rather than hinder you. 

✓  Discover key mindset and energetic principles that will make the strategy fly. 

✓  Learn tried and tested frameworks and business models - the ones clients and I use - as a roadmap (and learn how to break the rules!)

Module 2

Claiming Your Niche (Finally!) and Market Research 

✓  Avoid mistakes, time suckers and dead ends that many new coaches make and learn how to magnetize your dream clients.

✓  Get the exact market research method that my clients and I have used to land our first clients and generate qualified leads.

✓  Refine your offer  and create messaging that will lead to DM’s of “WOW your post spoke to my heart and soul!” 

Module 3

Creating Your Soul-Aligned Offer

✓  Craft an irresistible offer that is a reflection of your unique essence and magic that you’re so LIT UP to share with the world.

✓  Use my unique methodology to bring structure to your big ideas so that you can clearly explain and sell your offer to ideal clients.

✓  Design your offer in a way that weaves in magic, delivers deep transformation and has your unique signature.

Week 4

Integration Week 

We'll take this week off calls to integrate your learnings, implement the strategies you’ve learned, catch up on trainings, connect with your peers. Magic often happens when we create white space in life. 

Module 5

Messaging that Magnetizes 

✓  Content and copywriting that converts, calls in your dream clients, builds an engaged community and serves as a marketing machine for you. 

✓  Learn common mistakes to avoid confusion, being too vague, generic messaging that doesn’t land with anyone, and more. 

✓  Find your brand voice, confidently share your message and make calls to action, show up consistently and enroll and engage followers in your vision.

Module 6

The Art of Pricing + Heart-Led Sales Invitations 

✓  Learn how to price your offer and set nourishing rates without hustle and burnout. 

✓  Set and stand by your pricing boundaries and standards - no more discounts, freebies, exchanges or lowballing your worth and value. 

✓  Discover heart-lead sales and the art of invitations and conversations that remove any “ick” factor.

✓  Learn money mindset principles to receive higher levels of abundance and clear out scarcity blocking you.

✓  Anchor into your worth, understand the value of your work to feel confident sharing your pricing and increasing rates regularly with ease. 

✓  Understand how to handle objections on sales calls. 

Module 7

Client Attraction + Lead Generation 

✓  Learn how to leverage social media as a free and highly-effective marketing platform to call in dream clients and raise your visibility, and build your know like and trust factor. 

✓  Create various pathways for qualified leads to find you and craft a journey that guides them to say YES to working together. 

✓  Discover how to strategically use free content and trainings to create clients.

Module 8

Group Coaching, Extended Q&A and Workshopping 

✓  We’ll make sure to cover any lingering questions, challenges and next steps so you feel confident to move forward after the program. 

✓  Extended laser coaching and time for Q&A to get personalized guidance and support on your unique situation. 

✓  You’ll have the opportunity to share any materials you’d like to workshop and get input on like a piece of content, sales page, launch strategy, etc.


What's Included:

  • Seven 90-minute live group training and coaching calls led by Tanya for a deep-dive into each week’s topic with personalized, high-touch support on your specific needs and questions.
  • A weekly value-packed training with exercises and opportunities to do on your own to take inspired action and implement each week’s teaching. You’ll get a resource library with the trainings that you can come back to whenever you’re building a new offer or would like a refresh. 
  • Lifetime access to the session recordings. You'll get a member vault with access to the replays that you can come back to whenever you’re launching a new offer or desire additional insights.    
  • Private Community. Collaborate, connect, celebrate, ask questions, get feedback and support from other incredible entrepreneurs in the group. 

BONUS Gift 1: Magnetic Fempreneur Mindset Value $555

This powerful mini-program includes 4 pre-recorded training calls around the art of creating a magnetic mindset, heart-centered sales and mindset and energetic principles to empower you on your entrepreneurship journey. 

BONUS Gift 2:5 Days to Magical Mornings Value $222

This audio training series is designed to help you craft a morning ritual to raise your vibe, mindset and energy to bring more magic into your day.

Monetize Your Magic Accelerator

What you will get :

  • Seven 90-minute live group training and coaching calls with Tanya with the opportunity for direct coaching and guidance
  • A weekly value-packed training that you can come back to again and again whenever you’re launching something new or need a refresh
  • Lifetime access to the session recordings in your member vault.
  • Private community of other incredible coaches, consultations and experts in the personal development space to lean into, collaborate and co-create with and learn, grow and share the journey with.
  • Weekly worksheets, trainings, templates and resources for you to implement in your biz right away
  • An accountability pod that will likely become your biz bestie
  • Bonuses: Immediate access to Magnetic Mindset + 5 Days to Magical Mornings 

After only one session I was able to develop a strategy for an entire year, this is true value and the best investment I've made in my business thus far!

Tanya was able to craft new perspective and provided insights that were always there but unexplored. It was as if she pulled out all the great things in me I already had but wasn't maximizing. 

Tanya is truly a magician!


Peter Lucas
Founder, A Life OnPurpose

For years, I’ve wanted to create another income stream with an online coaching offer but didn't manage to get it off the ground. Finally, working with Tanya, we packaged my passions and skill set into a premium offer, that I can deliver online from anywhere in the world. 

It feels SO good to have multiple revenue streams and an amazing offer for clients in between my live events. Working with Tanya is just what I needed to help structure my 1:1 program, increase my rates and get comfortable with selling a premium offer. Thank you Tanya for this soul-aligned offer that I’m so excited to share with the world!

Cynthia Wong
Founder, Cynthia Travels Yoga Adventure Retreats

Tanya is an amazing, grounded, loving coach and role model.

Coaching was something that I had always wanted to do, but never really thought that I could make it happened.

Tanya guided me step by step on a path that I couldn't see, to a place where I am now owning my coaching, have clients, have a program and an offer! Now I'm excited to work together on creating retreats and epic events! 

She is Amazing, HIGHLY recommend!

Terra Traub
Self Love Coach + Pro Athlete

What  Clients Say About
the Monetize My Magic Accelerator

Miriam Lopez

Eni Selfo


Abi Fox


More About What Clients Say About the Monetize My Magic Accelerator

Miriam Lopez


Eni Selfo


Abi Fox

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About Your Guide

Hi, I'm Tanya!

I’m an event and business strategist and experience designer who's created world-class events globally for 10 years + that many call “the best experience of my life.”

Using soulful strategy, I work with heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches and lightworkers to create awe-inspiring programs and experiences to grow their brand, business and community so they can make a bigger impact in the world.

I'm the previous Head of Events for Mindvalley, where I found my passion for designing transformational experiences, created and scaled the company’s signature event A-Fest and oversaw the multi-million-dollar events division. 

Prior to leaving the corporate world to pursue dreams of adventure, self-exploration and entrepreneurship, I worked with the biggest names in music, TV and sports as a marketing and communications exec for high-profile companies and clients like Nike, NBC Universal, Neiman Marcus and the Emmy Awards. 

Most recently, when covid hit and my live events business was crushed in 2020,  I pivoted my business to coaching and consulting where, within 6 months, I became fully booked with premium clients and celebrated my first 5-figure month. 

Today, bridging the worlds of business and spirituality, I extract 15+ years of branding, marketing, communication and events experience to guide my clients to their next level of success.

I’m excited and honored to share this journey with you. 

Claiming the path of entrepreneurship and making the leap isn't easy.

But it's worth it. 


I worked for 15 years building other people’s businesses, brands and bank accounts. I even won an international contest for “The World’s Most Awesome Job” as head of events for Mindvalley. It was AMAZING and even then, eventually I knew I had to follow the inner knowing to build my OWN vision.

If you’re here, it’s because you have a calling. Maybe it’s a whisper, an undeniable sign or a nagging feeling telling you that it’s time for something more. 

I invite you to honor the call. 

And as for the question so many about to leap ask… And the one I asked myself when I started… 

“What if I give it my all and I ‘fail?’”... 

There is no “failure,” only feedback. Only learnings, lessons, exploring your edges and stepping into new levels of leadership and layers of expansion. Only testing, trying and testing again. 

The most important question is… 

What if you DON’T give it you all? 

Take a deep breath,  you’ve got this.