Hi! I'm Tanya Lopez

Experience Designer, Business Strategist and Coach for Entrepreneurs


As an experience designer and strategist, I support you to design and fill magical, transformational, profitable events, experiences and programs to have an even bigger impact. 

As a women's coach, I help you live in your highest alignment and experience your life and business as sacred.

A Bit About Me And My Story

Have you ever found yourself having the things that “should” make you happy -- whether a successful career, financial stability, impressive client roster or a cushy and comfortable home -- only to realize that there was something missing? That you were longing for something more? 

That in the process of chasing money, status and someone else’s dreams, you lost yourself in all the busy-ness? That you had been living out of connection with your heart’s desire, your soul’s calling and the bigger picture?

Maybe you became numb, hardened or built inner walls and armour to protect yourself and keep charging on… 

Perhaps you’ve found yourself awake at night with the deep question and fear that, maybe, you were missing out on living your fullest potential and purpose?

Which all led you to the question... What do I do next?

Yup, that was me...


My journey and story is one that bridges the worlds of business and achievement with the sacred and mystical… 

Like many people, I used to dream of leaving my high-profile corporate job, giving up my material possessions and taking off to travel the world in search of something greater and to find my true calling. 

Then, one day, I did. 

I set off to chase my dreams. I questioned everything I thought was important. I followed my highest excitement, explored and adventured all around the world. 

I also faced major challenges, losses, hardships and growing pains. 

And it all led me to embark on my greatest journey yet: the one from my mind to my heart… 

It hasn’t always been easy. But damn, has it been worth it.

Today, I’ve structured my life and business around my greatest value of freedom, which means I'm able to work and live from anywhere (at the moment, this is mostly between Bali and Ibiza).

I support entrepreneurs who are looking to create a business and life that they love and feels sacred and connected to a greater purpose. To feel deeply connected, buzzing with passion and aligned with purpose. 

My mission and passion is to bring beauty, connection and expansion into the world through transformational experiences including my coaching programs and events.

Keep Reading for the Longer Version of My Story...

The Hustler...

I started hustling from a young age. I worked two jobs when I was 15 years-old, put myself through college where I graduated with highest honors and started making 6 figures in my early twenties as a young exec at high-profile global companies like Nike and NBC-Universal. 

I quickly climbed the ranks as a communications and marketing exec, living between Los Angeles, New York and Miami, working with A-list celebrities, artists and athletes. While I was extremely grateful for these opportunities, the hustle was wearing me down and there was something inside me longing for greater meaning and purpose and my deepest desire was freedom. I dreamt of exploring another way of life… 

Six years into my fast-paced career, I reached a crossroad where life gave me the opportunity (aka something that seemed horribly devastating at the time) to take a huge leap of faith and leave corporate America to pursue my dreams of entrepreneurship. I took it. 

I started a business as I thought it would allow me to create the freedom and lifestyle I dreamt of. Instead, I found myself completely overwhelmed and drowning in work with projects that brought in good money but didn’t excite or fulfill me. I got caught up in the hustle. Again.

I felt desperate for freedom. To break away, live un-tethered & find my unique path.


I didn’t realize it at the time but in all my doing and accomplishing, I had become hard and disconnected from my heart, body, feelings and the bigger picture. I prioritized career and accomplishment and lacked deep and nourishing relationships. 

In one word, I was disconnected. From myself, from others and from some greater meaning and purpose. 

One day, I found myself on the verge of a nervous breakdown and finally faced the hard and sad truth that I was not happy with everything that was “supposed” to make me so — the luxury car, the house on the water, a fancy title and high-profile clients. 

I decided to overcome my fear and let go of my business because I knew my heart wasn’t in it. 

Through a magical synchronicity of events soon after, I won a global competition for “The World’s Most Awesome Job” as the Global Events Director for Mindvalley, one of the world’s leading personal growth and development companies. 

Here I found my passion and art for organizing transformational events all around the world that many called "the best experience of my life."

I was working with some of the biggest names in personal development, positively impacting people’s lives, discovering my gifts, feeling passionate and exploding with purpose and creativity. 

My craft became designing immersive experiences, giving people heart explosions, weaving wellness and transformation with art and building community.

I learned what’s possible when you follow your highest excitement. And I made a conscious decision to better understand and follow my heart’s desire. 

The Seeker...

At some point, I realized it was time to embark on another journey — this time, a deep inner journey. 

I took a 2-year sabbatical — a time for me to stop doing and just be. To practice the art of listening to and following my heart. To reconnect with my body.

I took another leap into the unknown and dove deep into self-discovery, exploration and spiritual arts. I focused on inner work and studied healing and spiritual modalities with incredible mentors all over the world.

I explored plant medicine, women’s work, shamanic studies, tantra, embodiment, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, authentic relating and more. One of the most potent medicines I found was embodiment and movement. 

I began to feel the importance of getting back to the sacred, foundational, pure aspects of life that I had lost touch with in today’s modern and digitized worldI dove into fully feeling and honoring my emotions, authentic expression and vulnerability, breaking down the inner walls and protection I had built.

I explored the mystical. The depths of my heart. The art of connection.

I began to facilitate connective practices like breathwork, embodied movement and authentic relating and organized women’s circles and conscious gatherings. I found many beautiful guides, mentors, teachers, tools and practices. I felt myself coming into deeper alignment. 

In the end, the freedom I was looking for was the freedom to follow my heart. Through everything I was doing and everywhere I went, I was looking to reconnect with my heart and soul’s desire. I’m much closer to that now that I ever was, and I also know I am a life-long student and this journey deep into myself will be forever. 

Today, I help others reconnect with themselves to live in deep alignment.  We’re all at different parts in our journey, and we often need support and guidance along the way. As a coach, mentor, event designer and all-around rock-your-greatest-life guide, I love to help people step into their highest purpose and potential. 

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