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Experience Design & Event Production

I Design Transformative Event Experiences.

Hi, I'm Tanya! I'm an experience designer and event producer who has been organizing immersive events and experiences around the world for 10 years + that many attendees call “the best experience of their lives.”

Designing events is my passion. My experience includes previously leading the Mindvalley Events division, helping to create and scale the company’s signature event A-Fest and later serving as its Creative Director, organizing it 11 times over 6 years. 

In my earlier professional years, I worked for high-profile companies and clients like Nike, NBC Universal, Neiman Marcus and the Emmy Awards in the areas of events, marketing and corporate communications before leaving corporate America to follow my dreams of traveling the world and entrepreneurship. 


Embarking on a deep inner journey of self exploration and discovery led me to work with various healers, teachers and medicine carriers of all kinds. For the past decade, I've traveled the world visiting over 50 countries, immersing myself in events and training in various healing and spiritual modalities, all of which have helped shape me into a multi-faceted producer, facilitator and space holder within the transformational event space.

With the knowledge gained over many years of running a successful for-purpose business and my own journey of personal development and expansion, I design, produce, host and facilitate immersive events and experiences that help people connect with their hearts and higher states of consciousness.



Once In A Lifetime Experiences. 

Filling a gap in the event industry marketplace, I work as a one-stop production partner who can handle both creative and logistics of the highest standards for events. 

While working for nearly the past decade in creating transformational events, my experience was that I needed both a creative and operations team and it was rare to find both skill sets in the same partner or agency.  On the creative end, I was looking for support in areas like conceptualization, creating bespoke artistic performances, crafting immersive experiences and generally weaving in the magic that my events have become known for. On the operations end, I worked with DMC's who could expertly handle logistics and help source venues and local vendors but who were often lacking creative range. My company was born to fill this gap by delivering both world-class creative and operational solutions to my clients looking to WOW their attendees. 


On the creative front, I'm able to expertly deliver creative conceptualization, craft the overall attendee experience for maximum impact, create the right ambiance, vibe and experience, design bespoke artistic performances and more. Working with a global network of world-class artists and talent of all kinds, we bring to life unique and highly innovative artistic and creative concepts rarely seen in the corporate world. 


On the operations and logistics side, I'm able to seamlessly bring together all the needed elements to ensure the event production and execution is flawless. Expertise includes venue selection and negotiation, sourcing and managing ideal vendor partners (AV, catering, transport, venues, artists, etc.),  budget management and optimization and all other aspects of event planning and production.

I've developed the unique ability to do so on a global scale having organized events from 20 to 400+ people all around the world in over 15 countries, providing a hard-to-match network of production partners in many key cities and countries. 

Whether for corporate or private clients, the passion and expertise that goes into my hand-crafted events deliver an unforgettable world-class experience to partners and attendees. 

Services include:

- Concept Development

- All Aspects of Planning and Production 

- Event Consultancy

- Budget management and optimization 

- Bespoke entertainment, artistic performances and music programming

- Creative talent and artistic services of all kinds 

- Venue selection, site inspections and contract negotiations

- Operations and logistics 

- Immersive and experiential acts

- Decoration, installations and set design

- Light, sound and visual production 


Featured Work

Creating Beauty, Wonder and Expansion. 

I've organized more than 30 large-scale events in over 15 different countries in the past 10 years, developing a specialized expertise in global experience design and event production as well as  an incredible global network of production partners, artists and facilitators of all kinds. 

 With a special passion and skill for crafting conscious and immersive party experiences, I've conceptualized theme events for 400 + people in world-class venues that include Medieval night at "King's Landing" castle in Croatia,  a Sacred Mayan Spirit event at an underground cave in Mexico, a Magical Rainforest Neon theme in Costa Rica with a customized sloth stage and world's largest dreamcatcher,  Flower Ball and Day of the Dead celebrations at a Mexican Hacienda, a party in the middle of the ocean in Dominican Republic , a Future Human theme in Ibiza and many more.


I'm proud to share that my events are consistently rated by attendees as "the best experience of their lives." 

Following are photos from some of the events I've created. 


Get in Touch

Few things excite me more than conscious collaborations and co-creations designed to bring more beauty, wonder and expansion into the world. Please contact me to explore how we can create magic together.

Phone / Whatsapp: +34 676 948 991


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