Hi! I'm Tanya Lopez


Event +Business Strategist, Experience Designer and Coach for Impact-Led Entrepreneurs


As an experience designer and strategist, I work with corporate and personal brands to design and fill magical, transformational and profitable events, experiences and programs to have an even bigger impact. 

As a coach for heart-based and impact-led business owners, I help you intentionally design and build your businesses and events in a way that balances profit, passion and purpose. 

I believe in the power of moments. 


Moments that take your breath away. 


Moments that create deep connection to yourself, and to something greater. 


Moments that change your life. 


I trust in the power of beauty and deep connection to heal. 

And I believe in doing the work. 

believe that the connection we have to ourselves is the foundation and portal to the connection we have to others, to our lives and to something greater. 

My experience has been that the more you can anchor into yourself, your authenticity, your heart and your truth, the better equipped you are to design your event, life and business in the highest alignment. 

I also believe that events and intentionally-crafted experiences are the ideal vehicle for creating magical and unforgettable moments.

Those precious moments where all the pieces come together, everything makes sense and, you are forever changed. 

Those of us who are creating sacred spaces for deep transformation do so because it's our purpose, our passion, our calling. I believe that we can do this important and much-needed work in a way that not only nourishes us spiritually and emotionally, but also financially.

As an experience designer, I help create and curate those special moments and sacred containers that take people through a deep and transformative journey.


I weave in magic, connection and beauty into the way we gather to honor and celebrate our lives. 


 Hi! I'm Tanya

I'm an experience designer, events + business strategist and coach. I'm a multi-passionate magic-maker.


As the previous head of events for Mindvalley and creative director for A-Fest,  I've created transformational events all around the world for the past decade that many people call "the best experience of my life."

From high-end masterminds in Bali and themed dinner parties in castles to spiritual adventure retreats and transformational coaching containers, I bring the WOW factor that leaves people buzzing for years to come.  

My mission is to bring more beauty, connection and expansion into the world through transformational experiences.

I do this by consulting impact-driven entrepreneurs on their events and through my coaching containers.

"Tanya always brings the WOW factor that leaves people awed and talking about their experience for years.  She creates one-of-a-kind simply amazing events and experiences that take people through a deep journey and create lasting impact and transformation."

~ Vishen Lakhiani, Founder of Mindvalley

You're in the Right Place If:   

✓ You're an impact-driven entrepreneur, coach or brand and want to create a multiple 6-figure (and beyond!) events biz doing what you love and transforming other people's lives
✓ You want to design and fill events and programs in the personal growth space and want the experiences you're delivering to be EPIC - meaning deeply transformational as well as highly-profitable
✓ You'd like strategic know-how to  build your brand, business and community so that you can have a deeper impact
✓ You want to bring the WOW factor and add magic dust to your existing events and experiences to go from great to UNFORGETTABLE. Your next level where people are moved to their core and become raving fans and ambassadors of your brand.
✓ You understand the power of  events as a core part of your business and powerful way to build your biz, brand and community 
✓ You'd love support in optimizing and scaling your events, offers and business in alignment with your mission, values and financial goals from someone with world-class experience. 
✓ You're all about intentionally designing and building a soul-aligned business merging purpose, profit and passion.
✓ You love to mix the business with the woo by bridging the worlds of entrepreneurship and spirituality. 


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How It Started...

My journey and story is one that bridges the worlds of business and achievment with the sacred and mystical.
I started hustling from an early age - starting to work two jobs at 15 years old, putting myself through college and graduating with highest honors and then making 6-figures in my 20’s at high-profile companies like Nike and NBC-Universal. 
I quickly climbed the ranks as a communication and marketing exec, working with A-list artists, celebrities and athletes in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. 
However, while my career and life looked amazing from the outside and I had all the things that “should” make me happy, the hustle was wearing me down and deep within I felt I wasn’t truly meeting my purpose and potential and was longing for something more.

I felt desperate for freedom. To discover my purpose and potential and find my unique path.


I dreamt of leaving the hustle and taking off to travel the world and pursue my dreams of adventure, self-exploration and entrepreneurship. 
Then, one day, I did. 
I took the leap and followed the whisper of my heart's calling, leaving the corporate world, and the U.S. and the hustle behind.
This journey led me to travel to more than 60 countries and live overseas in places like Malaysia, Bali and Spain.
It also led me deep into the the world of personal growth, becoming a certified coach and facilitator and studying various healing and spiritual modalities with incredible mentors all over the world over the past decade.
I found my passion (or rather it found me) when I serendipitously won an international competition for the “The World’s Most Awesome Job” and became head of events for Mindvalley, one of the world's leading personal growth companies. 
I helped build the company's signature event "A-Fest" - described as a TED meets Burning Man-style event - which many came to call “the best experience of my life” while I was leading it. 
Here, my craft become jet-setting around the world to find the most unique and exotic venues, designing jaw-dropping immersive experiences, giving people heart explosions and building a global Tribe and community.
It also meant negotiating million-dollar contracts, working with some of the biggest names in personal growth, hiring and managing production teams all around the world, expanding globally, scaling to $1 million in revenue in a few short years and overseeing more than $6 million sales of transformational events.


Today, as a coach, experience designer, event producer, facilitator and all around rock-your-greatest-life guide, I work with entrepreneurs to intentionally design the event, business and life of their dreams.
I bring all parts of me to the table in my work with clients. 
This includes my corporate background with companies like Nike, Mindvalley and NBC-Universal, desiging and scaling world-class events, coaching and weaving in the tools of various spiritual and healing modalities and more than 5 years of running my own successful business.
I'll jam with you on everything from creating new 6-figure revenue streams to healing fears and wounds that keep you hiding and playing small. 
This way, you can bring all of yourself to the table.
Because that’s what you’re meant for and what the world is ready for. 

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