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I work (aka create magic!) with heart-centered, impact-driven business owners and brands in the personal growth space who I adore to deliver epic events and experiences that grow their business brand and community.

Here's what some people say about my work and the experience of working together.  

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Client Love & Testimonials

"While head of Mindvalley events, Tanya’s leadership, vision and creativity helped make A-Fest THE personal growth and entrepreneurship conference to attend — described as an epic “Burning Man meets TedX” event, Tanya always brought the WOW factor that left guests awed and talking about their experience for years. With a sharp business sense and strategic vision, she also led efforts in scaling and growing A-Fest by expanding to Asia and Europe — all while receiving off-the-charts feedback and ratings, significantly growing profits and revenue and helping to create and nurture a global Tribe. Over our many years of working together, I’ve come to trust Tanya to create one-of-a-kind simply amazing events and experiences that take people through a deep journey and creating lasting impact and transformation."

~ Vishen Lakhiani

NYT Best-Selling Author, CEO and Founder of Mindvalley 

"Over the last decade, I've played over 1,000 events in 40+ countries from Coachella to the UN.  What makes working on events with Tanya unique is that she truly creates an experience that sticks with you forever. Creating an event in 2020 and breaking through all the noise is more difficult than ever -- Tanya is an ace at it, simply because her event design creates meaningful memories that transform lives. From underground caves and epic venues to immersive sensory adventure rooms, some of the highlights of my career have been with Tanya. Beyond her experience of successful events, she contains one of the rarest gifts in the events industry -- the passion, heart and strong WHY she brings. She truly cares about building strong communities to create a more beautiful world."

~ David Block

Artist, Producer & Experience Designer

"Tanya's single strategy session was better than all the business ideas and experience I've come across after organizing 11 yoga adventure retreats around the world! For far too long I've known I've offered something great, but ashamed of how short I'd fallen on profits.

When I knew I needed to make the biz more sustainable, I joined a longer group program designed for retreat organizers - investing the same as for my 1:1 program with Tanya - and Tanya's single strategy session alone provided much more value for me!

After our prep call, Tanya gave me guidance and a template to re-imagine my retreat business model. She listened, and prepared a customized mindset, strategy, and marketing implementation session designed just for ME, oozing with the juiciest tips for profit with ease, straight up feedback I needed on my new model, and a trimmed path to reach my new, much higher goals.
She truly provides the mentorship, coaching, and consulting I need to break through my limitations of what I thought was possible. The best part is that I don't have a lofty plan for the future - it's for NOW!
I recommend her to anyone who wants to offer an epic event experience AND make it profitable. If I would have had her program years ago, it would have saved me years of struggle, wondering if I would ever make substantial profit from my dreamy experiences! "

~ Cynthia Wong

Founder, Cynthia Travels Yoga Adventure Retreats

"I didn't hesitate to work with Tanya to help us level up the experience of our #WeAllGrow Summit. 

Though we've always had a sold-out conference, there's room to grow and we wanted to consciously take time to reimagine what that experience can evolve into and how to better serve our community.

Tanya's experience in designing epic events is just what we needed.

She helped us see the event from different perspectives and think in a more expansive way.

From budgets, to venues, to creating unique magical experiences, Tanya had new insights and expert guidance.

We're so excited to bring back #WeAllGrow Summit in 2022 after a two-year hiatus (thanks to COVID!) with a reimagined experience in every aspect."

~ Ana Flores

Founder & CEO, #WeAllGrow

"After only one session I was able to develop a strategy for an entire year, this is true value and the best investment I've made in my business thus far!

Tanya was able to craft new perspective and provided insights into my business model that were always there but unexplored. It was as if she was pulling out all the great things in me I already had but wasn't maximizing.

Tanya is truly a magician! "

~ Peter Lucas

Founder, A Life OnPurpose

"I've worked with hundreds of planners in my last 15 years as an entertainer. To take an event and make it an epic experience that bonds tribes, is Tanya’s forte. It would be an honor for anyone to learn from her when it comes to event design. I’ve often wondered how she comes up with such mind-blowing ideas, and then pulls it off, effortlessly. She has a gift of getting things executed and put together like very few can do."

~ Sammy ShoeBox Moses Taggett

Artist and Entrepreneur

"I went to Tanya to make my events even better and launch a paid membership model. I got to tap into her wealth of experience organizing next-level events & building communities (like Mindvalley!).

She helped me get clear on my vision and action steps. I went from overwhelm to having a few specific & powerful areas to focus on.

I launched my entrepreneurial membership in Amsterdam, where the first members joined within minutes of opening registration (at a price 4x higher than I initially planned!).

If you're in events, I can't see how you can work with Tanya and not make your investment back!"

~Marcel Wijermars

Founder, No More Networking

"Tanya helped me refine the inner Beauty Retreat experience and for that I'm forever grateful. She's absolutely brilliant when it comes to generating ideas (fellow Generator!) to make your experience go from great to unforgettable. 

 When it comes to organizing events: if you want to leave your mark on the industry you operate in I'd recommend hiring Tanya. "

~ Mayke Niestadt

Holistic healing & Coach Inner Beauty Retreats

"I loved how FULL Tanya’s program was - I could feel the love, the incredible value and the depth of experience she poured into it to give us everything we needed to launch a coaching program. I knew I had something of value to offer but didn’t quite have the strategy to get it out there and her program filled in the missing pieces. 

Through our work, I got clarity on my offer and messaging, strategy and fundamental principles to help me stay focused, present and empowered. When I finished the program, my overwhelm was replaced with excitement."

~ Abi Fox


"Working with Tanya is powerful. I enjoy the clarify of her guidance. It's exquisite work, scalable instantly + a beautiful community of amazing entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Imagine being in a first class trip around the treasures of event design and creating, marketing and selling coaching programs.

All of that in a warmth, stimulating and efficient connection with Tanya and her community.

Go for it!"

~ Sat Prem


"Tanya’s program changed me! Through it, I had big mindset shifts and stepped into what I’d call “energetic self success” - understanding how to align myself to my goals and attract the life I truly desire.

Her step-by-step methodology removes all the clutter and confusion and she really walks her talk with integrity between what she teaches, creates in the world and who she is as a person. If you’re thinking of working with her, just do it!"

~ Eni Selfo


"Most beautiful adventure and combination of growth, fun, connection! We did more in 7 days in Morocco than I could have done in a year on my own. I loved it so much I don’t have words to express it."

~ Ashok Thakur

President & CEO at Computer Consultants Network, Inc

"I attended an adventure trip to Morocco organized and hosted by Tanya. It’s hard to describe in words the magical experience I had -- it was an incredible choice of locations, moments and experiences. The professionalism with which she handled everything, anticipated our needs and handled the obstacles that can appear in a foreign country was top. I can only wholeheartedly recommend Tanya for organizing and hosting unforgettable events."

~ Mark Eggiman

Founder & CEO at Mindkatana 

"Tanya holds the space so you can do your best work. If you're running an event, and want to enjoy it, let Tanya handle all of the headaches for you. I've seen her run A-fest, you can trust that it will get done."

~ Dane Maxwell

Founder, The Foundation

"There’s no real words to describe my experience for the adventure trip Tanya organized - I couldn’t be happier with it. I experienced deep new friendship and precious memories. I was fed on a soul level through the joy, laughter and beauty we experienced."

~ Eva Kettles

Owner and Founder at Fit Buddha 

"Tanya helped me create my offer and work on all the different components to launch an online offer, which was exactly what I was looking for. 

Her program is super well structured, you’re guided along every step of the way. I also knew I wanted a coach with a soulful, feminine approach to business and Tanya is that person. She provided tools to improve my mindset and overcome limiting beliefs, which I knew I needed help with! If you’re looking for a feminine, growth-minded approach, I highly recommend working with Tanya!"

~ Miriam Lopez


"Tanya is a rockstar. Not only as director of events at Mindvalley, but as a colleague as well. One of the key things that we do at Mindvalley every year is AwesomenessFest, and Tanya ran that event flawlessly. But she didn't just stop there. She went to expand A-Fest t from just once a year to twice a year.  She manages teams effectively, and delivers results without letting any stress creep into the team."

~ Ajit Nawalkha

Co-Founder of Evercoach by Mindvalley and Global Grit Institute

"Working with Tanya has been eye-opening for our company and truly impactful. 

Tanya brought structure into our event management and strategy and helped us see how important events are for our community growth and health.

She provided helpful tips, fresh ideas, warm energy and really inspired and supported us in creating amazing and valuable events! And, to have fun with it! "

~ Lia Mladenova

Community Manager, Artiviv

"Tanya is the ROCK STAR of events! She creates an experience that stimulates all the senses and transforms you into a better you. She has always exceeded my expectations."

~ Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

International Best-selling Author and Speaker

"As Founder of The Stillness Project, I have been invited to speak at many events round the world. Nothing compares to the level of professionalism, co-ordination, and incredible energy than the ones organized by Tanya. A-Fest is by far my favourite conference I’ve ever been to! Tanya is AWESOMENESS!"

~ Tom Cronin

Founder of The Stillness Project

"A-Fest is by far my favorite conference of all time.  I'm sort of a conference junkie so I have a high standard when it comes to events.  The nightly parties can be described as nothing less than epic.  A sunset sail, with snorkeling to a private candle lit island...who gets to do that in their everyday life?!  It's a once in a life time experience to say the least.  I credit all of the success of Afest to it's organizers.  Tanya Lopez had to juggle dozens of speakers, volunteers and hundreds of attendees. Plus the venue, the parties, and the entire schedule was flawless.  For me when an event can really flow effortlessly, that means the organizers have done an A+ job.  When I can get lost in a world of great experiences and amazing people I couldn't be happier.  I highly recommend any event where Tanya Lopez is in charge.  It will far exceed your expectations"

~ Steffani LeFevour

Founder and CEO of My Happi LIfe 

"High attention to detail and high level of creativity in event production. Can add layers to an event experience that will make it memorable, unique and leave guests in awe."

~ Jason Cambell

Host of Superhumans at Work, Mindvalley Podcast

"I had the pleasure of working with Tanya for years and she is such a role model and certainly one of the best in the field. My favorite thing about her is that she is super passionate about creating amazing experiences and always delivers just that. If you're looking to create an unforgettable experience, work with Tanya!"

~ Olla Abbas

Director of Global Events, Mindvalley

"Tanya's work as Mindvalley's Event Director was impeccable; tripling the amount of revenue over the timespan of just a year. When I attended A-Fest in 2012 I had never seen such a well-organized event. Everything, even the tiniest details, were thought through and perfectly taken care of. Tanya is passionate and ambitious and on a strategic level she does an amazing job, overseeing the many events that happened weekly at Mindvalley with a small team. It's always a pleasure and a lot of fun to work with Tanya and at the same time I learn something new every time."

~ Daniel de Gruijter

Co-Founder and CEO at Incitement

"Wow! I'm absolutely blown away by the amount of the information, guidance, specific, and clear help I received from my session with Tanya.

She helped us to get focused and understand our clients, pricing, marketing, and advertising on a very deep and clear level. This amount of information is truly invaluable and moving our retreat business to a new level at a pace I only formerly dreamed of.   "

~ Jill Jordan

CEO of Jill Jordan Sound Living

"Tanya helped me see through the clutter of my thoughts to find the path for my journey forward. I can now build my vision with tangible, easy to implement tools and challenges to examine who I am and what is the value I bring the world."

~ Kimberlee Nicole Smith

Producer / Storyteller

"Tanya is a great inspiration, a beautiful soul and an amazing caring friend! She is top class at organizing international events. I first met her at A-Fest Dubrovnik, which she organized and was one of my best, life-changing experiences. I strongly recommend her for anyone who has the intention to create amazing international events."

~ George Kafka

CEO, Trans-Europe Zrt.

"Tanya is an amazing events director. She's on top of every detail, and makes sure everything is running smoothly, no matter how many people are needing her attention at the same time. Tanya is a thorough and detail oriented director. It amazes me to watch her in action. She thinks through every aspect of a project and makes sure that things are completed on a high level and on time. She has a knack for knowing how to keep clients happy and create spectacular results. Her work speaks for itself."

~ Robert “Doc” Barham

CEO and Founder of Barham Group

"As a senior ambassador and certified trainer of the Authentic Relating global movement, Tanya is a highly-skilled teacher and facilitator of life-changing tools that foster greater conscious connection in people's personal and professional lives. She is an indispensable part of our leadership in bringing this work into the world."

~ Ryel Kestano

Authentic Relating Training International Co- Founder 

"When I decided to focus on growing my business and brand to the next level, Tanya helped me channel a vision for my soul-aligned business, identify the steps in bringing it to life, and helped me uncover what was standing in the way of achieving my goals. What drew me to working with Tanya was her track record of successful business experiences as well as her female leadership. In our coaching experience, she always makes me the complete focus of the session with her undivided attention, presence and guidance that has helped me uncover important insights and inspired me to take action steps that have made a significant difference in evolving my business and step even more into my leadership. Through my sessions with her, I feel inspired, supported and I am more clear on my next steps and on how I want to show up in the world."

~ Mariana Grace

Next Level Coach and Hypnotherapist

"Working with Tanya has been a real delight. Over multiple sessions, we dove into different areas of my life where I felt stuck and was seeking clarity... and I’m really grateful that I reached out to her for support. I appreciate her gentle guidance and invitation to set some clear and achievable goals. Her incredible ability to be fully present with whatever was alive for me helped me relax and dive even deeper to see my blockages and things that no longer serve me. I’ve felt incredibly supported on the path of dismantling my limiting beliefs and finding new ways to surrender and embrace life FULLY!"

~ Kasia DesRocer Wieczorek, Seattle

"When I first began working with Tanya I wasn't sure how comfortable I would be opening up and sharing, however these concerns were quickly put to rest. Tanya listened to me with a lot of patience and created a warm and positive environment. Over the course of my sessions with her I was able to work through a lot of blockages and unresolved feelings that had been holding me back. She helped me find clarity on what was not working in my life. With her guidance I was able to make adjustments to my routine that have had significant impacts on my well-being. Since working with Tanya I've become significantly more productive, have more energy, and am crushing my goals! If you're looking to grow, work through blocks, or cultivate a strong mindset, I'd highly recommend working with Tanya!"

~ Suranga De Silva, Los Angeles

"Tanya is a kind-hearted coach who made me feel comfortable to share with her right from the get go. She provides a safe space and takes an introspective approach. She asks relevant questions that allows you to reconsider the narrative you are telling yourself. She also empowers and inspires you to take practical steps towards making the changes that serve you and take action towards achieving your goals.

 If you value self growth and results, I highly recommend Tanya as a coach and someone to have in your corner, offering guidance and support!"

~ Ellie, Israel


"Tanya pioneered bringing morning dance and movement sessions to A-Fest several years ago which have now become a staple at our Mindvalley events. Her free-flow movement sessions at various A-Fests around the world were consistently rated by attendees as one of the best, if not the best, morning activities."

~ Laura Viilep

A-Fest & Mindvalley Event Director

"Tanya’s Authentic Relating facilitations at Mindvalley University were expertly facilitated and very well-received by attendees. The connective exercises helped participants to connect more deeply with each other as well as help integrate their experiences of the event. Highly recommended to help bring greater connection to any group experience."

~ Eni Selfo

Tribe Facilitator, Mindvalley University

"Tanya brings great value to groups and events with her authentic relating and movement facilitations. She’s a highly-professional, communicative and easy to work with leader who is able to anticipate the needs of the room and group and deliver a connective experience that leaves a strong impact."

~ Rick Smith

Founder, Conscious Teaching

"Tanya created a safe, non-judgmental space for me to dream, be flawed and vulnerable, and to evolve. She held, supported and pushed me when I needed it most.

Through our work, I was able to build a vision for my future, implement new habits, confront deep rooted fears, and learn to love myself on a deeper level. I now feel empowered in a way that I couldn't have imagined. 

I'll always be grateful for the investment I made and the leap I took to hire Tanya as my coach. I recommend her program to anyone and everyone!"

~ Maria Reed Cave

Massachusetts, USA

"Professional, creative, reliable, fun, authentic, thorough, great leader, communicator, inspires trust and a collaborative spirit. I have found Tanya capable of extraordinary things with apparent ease. Her honesty, frankness and care, blended with experience, courage and pluck make for excitement and accomplishment."

~ Anthony Abaganno

Founder, Alchemy of Breath 

"I am so incredibly grateful for the safe space Tanya created for me to share freely and openly in TipiTalks women’s circles she led in Ibiza, Spain. The enlightenment and perspective I gained in the two hours spend in this women’s circle was life-changing and transformational. I never thought I could feel so connected, so loved and so alive. And I left the circle feeling like I truly reconnected with the essence of myself."

~ Amanda Massa

Make-Up Artist, Beauty Blogger

"I loved the container that Tanya created. I always felt safe, seen and heard during calls and I go so many " a-ha's " about how I've been running my life and business validated several intuitive nudges that I've been ignoring.

I made an important life-changing decision as a result , and feel so much more confident about this approach compared to the scarcity and urgency I was operating from before. 

There's something about her language that soothes, energizes and empowers me all at the same time!."

~ Tania Safuan

Copywriter and consultant

"Tanya is an amazing, grounded, loving coach and role model.

Coaching was something that I had always wanted to do, but never really thought that I could make it happened. 

Tanya guided me step by step on a path that I couldn't see, to a place where I am now owning my coaching, have clients, have a program and an offer! Now I'm excited to work together on creating retreats and epic events! 

 She is Amazing, HIGHLY recommend!  "

~ Terra Traub

Life coach + Pro Athlete

"I'm feeling SO fulfilled with this work! Going from being the background visionary to being front facing and holding my client's hand and creating energy, spaces, and opportunities and seeing them grow is amazing, I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for instilling this passion inside of me and allowing me to really step up because I feel that a lot of that was due to our session together. And, I SOLD OUT my first program for the next six months! I love this work, it's so fulling. I'm so grateful for you!   "

~ Laurentine ten Bosch

Director at Food Matters
/ Holistic Health and Business Coach

"I did a practice that Tanya sent me and I’m so, so grateful for it. I had been going through a very rough time and had been trying to shake off difficult emotions, but couldn’t. I did the meditation and honestly I have no words to express what I felt while doing it. I’ve never felt this connected and strong in a long, long time. It was the most beautiful and intimate meditation experience I’ve ever had. I had tears duing the last dance because I finally felt so good after a long time."

~ Prajnya Pai, Dubai

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