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Create EPIC, Transformational & Highly-Profitable Events and Experiences That Grow Your Business, Brand and Community So That You Can Have a Bigger Impact 

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Most likely, you’ve landed here because you have a desire or vision to create a one-of-a-kind event and experience. If so, you’re speaking my language!


You’re in the right place if . . .

  • You want to tap into the power of live and virtual events to grow your business, brand and community so that you can have a bigger impact.
  • You want to significantly reduce your risk — financially and of the event flopping or making a bad impression on attendees — and save time, money and resources by working with a seasoned event strategist.
  • You're a leader in your industry who wants to create an incredible brand and community  by hosting transformational events that deeply impact & even transform lives.
  • You want the events and experiences you're delivering to be EPIC & clearly stand out on the noise.
  • You've already organized events, have an existing audience and are ready to  seriously up-level by becoming more profitable, delivering a WOW attendee experience and selling out with greater ease.

Introducing. . . . EPIC Event Strategy  & Experience Design Consulting & Mentorship 

In this powerful and customized 1:1 program, I will dive in with you weekly on event strategy, design and execution.  From developing a strong strategic vision to keeping a sharp eye on the details, we’ll cover it all.  Including how to sprinkle in magic throughout ever corner of the event to leave attendees completely WOW’d by you and your brand.  

Clients come to me because they want to turn their event, retreat, or program into an experience for their attendees. They want to WOW and dazzle their guests. And, of course, they want their event to be highly profitable and scalable. 

I work with you on how to reimagine the attendee experience and weave in magic throughout. To build Tribe and community that bonds guests long before and after the event. That leaves attendees in love with your brand and longing for the next event. 

And aside from the magic, we get super practical as well.  Like reviewing or setting up your business model for profit optimization, setting up proper systems and processes to scale, customized marketing strategies for your unique brand and event, and more. 

I know what works as an event strategist from overseeing more than $6M in ticket sales of transformational events and scaling Mindvalley’s A-Fest to $1 million in revenue in a few short years. Most events don’t see that type of growth… But it is possible.

I’ll guide you through my personal  framework that I’ve created over the past 10 years of organizing world-class transformational events that people call "the best experience of my life." We'll cover the essentials of event planning so that you feel equipped and supported with all the resources and knowledge you or your team needs as well as more advanced industry secrets that usually take many years and mistakes to learn. 
I’ll share my best insights and tips from over 15 years of event production, marketing and communication experience as well as a handful of templates that will save you TONS of time, money, research and energy!

True Story . . .  

I once had a conversation with a client where, after reviewing his contract, I saved him $30,000 in a 5 minute conversation. That’s how important contract terms are and knowing what pitfalls to avoid as a newbie, and we will cover this!

A Bit About Me and My Experience...


  • I’m an experience designer and event producer with 15 years + experience in events, communications, marketing and brand management for companies and clients like Mindvalley, Nike, NBC- Universal, and more. 


  • Previous PR event manager and spokesperson for Nike working with high-profile athletes and artists on events  like The Beijing Olympics, The Human Race, Let Me Play, Lance Armstrong’s “Ride Again,” Kobe Bryant’s footwear launches and more. 


  • Previous Global Event Director for leading personal growth company Mindvalley, handling A-Z production for over 20 events all over the world over 6 years. 


  • While head of Mindvalley Events, I expanded the company's signature event A-Fest from North America to Asia and then Europe, grew attendees by over 500% over 5 years and significantly grew the event’s revenue and profit while also growing a global Tribe of raving fans with over 77% of attendees evaluating A-Fest as one of the best, if not THE best, experience of their lives. 


  • I've developed specialized expertise in global experience design and event production for transformational events and have an incredible global network of production partners, vendors, venues, artists and facilitators of all kinds. 

Ready to Make Magic Together?


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Some of My Work...

What We Cover: 

Vision Call

Clarity on goals, vision, KPI’s and measures of success for your event and ensuring it’s in alignment with YOU!

Event Strategy

Strategic input on creating, growing and scaling events with a clear action plan. 

Contracts & Negotiation

Reduce your risk and negotiate the most favorable terms and conditions. THIS IS PRICELESS. 

Content & Agenda

While only you know the content that your attendees will most love, I'll advise for optimal flow and attendee experience. 


Discover how to SELL OUT the event with your ideal attendees and on-site tactics to have epic promotional materials moving forward.

Maximizing Profits

Budgeting, back end sales, negotiation tactics and more to get the most bang for your buck while not comprising the attendee experience.


Create a solid communication strategy that will help set you up for success on all fronts. Avoid silly mistakes that reduce attendance.


From the overall event theme to crafting epic parties and social gatherings, we'll nail the conceptualization and creative process. 

On-Site Management

Ensure the execution is flawless with staffing plans, venue and vendor management, critical meetings and documents to prepare. 

Venues & Vendors

Learn how to find and vet the best local venue and partners, structure agreements and how to best work with and manage them. This is critical to your success!

Timelines & Tracking

Event planning is infinitely smoother with proper organization. We'll develop and stick to a timeline with action points and progress each week. 

Essential Event Docs

I’ll provide templates for essential documents that I developed over 10 years to keep you highly organized. Another priceless feature!

What They Say About Working Together

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“While head of Mindvalley events, Tanya’s leadership, vision and creativity helped make A-Fest THE personal growth and entrepreneurship conference to attend — described as an epic “Burning Man meets TedX” event, Tanya always brought the WOW factor that left guests awed and talking about their experience for years. With a sharp business sense and strategic vision, she also led efforts in scaling and growing A-Fest by expanding to Asia and Europe — all while receiving off-the-charts feedback and ratings, significantly growing profits and revenue and helping to create and nurture a global Tribe. Over our many years of working together, I’ve come to trust Tanya to create one-of-a-kind simply amazing events and experiences that take people through a deep journey and creating lasting impact and transformation.” 

~ Vishen Lakhiani, NYT Best-Selling Author, CEO and Founder of Mindvalley and A-Fest

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"Tanya's single strategy session was better than all the business ideas and experience I've come across after organizing 11 yoga adventure retreats around the world! For far too long I've known I've offered something great, but ashamed of how short I'd fallen on profits.

When I knew I needed to make the biz more sustainable, I joined a longer group program designed for retreat organizers - investing the same as for my 1:1 program with Tanya - and Tanya's single strategy session alone provided much more value for me! 

After our prep call, Tanya gave me guidance and a template to re-imagine my retreat business model. She listened, and prepared a customized mindset, strategy, and marketing implementation session designed just for ME, oozing with the juiciest tips for profit with ease, straight up feedback I needed on my new model, and a trimmed path to reach my new, much higher goals.
She truly provides the mentorship, coaching, and consulting I need to break through my limitations of what I thought was possible. The best part is that I don't have a lofty plan for the future - it's for NOW!
I recommend her to anyone who wants to offer an epic event experience AND make it profitable. If I would have had her program years ago, it would have saved me years of struggle, wondering if I would ever make substantial profit from my dreamy experiences! "

~ Cynthia Wong, Founder Cynthia Travels Adventure Retreats


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