Epic Events


LIVE 6-Week Group Program

April 12 - May 17

6-week LIVE Events accelerator for personal growth business owners and brands who are ready to take their transformational events to the next level when it comes to increasing their profitability, delivering a WOW attendee experience and selling out events more easily.


Epic Events


LIVE 6-Week Group Program

April 12 - May 17

6-week LIVE Events accelerator for coaches, biz owners, teachers, facilitators and event and experience creators who are ready to take their transformational events to the next level when it comes to increasing their profitability, delivering a WOW attendee experience and selling out events more easily.

Epic Events Don't Just Happen 

They are intentionally crafted and designed to...

  • Take attendees through a deep and transformative experience
  • Bring the WOW factor and leave guests in AWE and talking about the event for months (even years!) to come 
  • Build deep connection, Tribe and community 
  • Generate multiple revenue streams, support and feed into other areas of your business 
  • Intentionally grow your business, brand and community so that you can have a bigger impact


If you’re here, it’s because you have a desire and vision to create a one-of-a-kind experience. 


Good news, you’re speaking my language and you’re in the right place.

Dream With Me and Imagine:

✓ Messages YEARS after an event from attendees saying they’re reminiscing about an event you organized which was the best experience of their life 

✓ Six-figures of income generated from delivering events that you LOVE and make a positive impact 

✓ Earning another 6 figures in backend sales for other products or programs in your business  

✓ Expanding your event globally taking it to new countries and markets 

✓ Having 80% of attendees calling your event “the best experience of my life” 

✓ Building a global tribe and community of adoring brand fans who refer your work and event to their friends and family.



In fact, I’ve done it. All of it. All the examples above are from my own experience in creating and delivering epic events around the world for the past 10+ years that many call “the best experience of my life.”

"Tanya creates one-of-a-kind simply amazing  experiences that take people through a deep journey and create lasting impact and transformation."

~ Vishen Lakhiani, Founder of Mindvalley

Impact-driven and heart-centered clients come to me because they want to turn their event, retreat, or program into a transformative experience for their attendees. They want to WOW and dazzle their guests. And, of course, they want their event to be highly-profitable and scalable. 

I work with them on how to reimagine the attendee experience and weave in magic throughout. To build Tribe and community that bonds guests long before and after the event. That leaves attendees in love with their brand and longing for the next event. 

I know what works as an event strategist from overseeing more than $6 million in ticket sales of transformational events and scaling Mindvalley’s A-Fest to $1 million in revenue for a single event in a few short years.

Most events don’t see that type of growth… But it is possible. 


Epic Events Accelerator

A 6-week accelerator for biz owners & brands  to take their events to the next level when it comes to increasing profitability, delivering a WOW  experience and selling out events more easily.



Say No More, I'm IN!

True Story . . .  

I once had a conversation with a client where, after reviewing his contract, I saved him $30,000 in a 5 minute conversation.

That’s how much value an outside and experienced perspective can bring.

With Tanya’s leadership, vision and creativity, she always brings the WOW factor that leaves guests awed and talking about their experience for years. Over our many years of working together, I’ve come to trust Tanya to create one-of-a-kind simply amazing experiences that take people through a deep journey and creating lasting impact and transformation.

Vishen Lakhiani
NYT Best-Selling Author, CEO and Founder of Mindvalley

I've worked with hundreds of planners in my last 15 years as an entertainer. To take an event and make it an epic experience that bonds tribes, is Tanya’s forte. It would be an honor for anyone to learn from her when it comes to event design. I’ve often wondered how she comes up with such mind-blowing ideas, and then pulls it off, effortlessly. She has a gift of getting things executed and put together like very few can do.

Sammy Taggett
Artist and Entrepreneur

I attended an adventure trip to Morocco organized and hosted by Tanya. It’s hard to describe in words the magical experience I had -- it was an incredible choice of locations, moments and experiences. The professionalism with which she handled everything, anticipated our needs and handled the obstacles that can appear in a foreign country was top. I can only wholeheartedly recommend Tanya for organizing and hosting unforgettable events in the world.

Mark Eggiman
Founder & CEO at Mindkatana 

Feel a YES that this is just what you need?

Here’s what you’ll get:

✔  6 Live 90-Minute Weekly Calls Where I’ll walk you through my step-by-step framework to create, launch and sell your event

✔  Three 90-minute live laser coaching and Q&A calls with Tanya VALUED AT $3,000

Expect deep-dive, personalized, high-touch support on your specific needs and questions about your events business. Each of the 3 calls will be dedicated to one of her 3 signature strategic pillars: 

Call 1: Increasing Profitability 

This is the opportunity to explore everything around the business and financials of your events. Possible topics include your business model, budgeting and profit optimization, creating various revenue streams, how your events support and feed into other areas of your business, making back-end offers, effective ways to grow and scale, ninja negotiating, entering international markets and destinations and more.  

Call 2:  Delivering a WOW Attendee Experience

This session will be dedicated to everything around designing and delivering the most epic attendee experience - a deep and transformational journey that brings the WOW factor and leaves guests raving about your event and enrolling for the next one (and, bringing their friends along as well!) Possible topics include building connection, Tribe and community around your event, agenda creation, next level creativity concepts, content and flow, sprinkling in magic throughout various attendee touchpoints, and more. 

Call 3: Marketing & Sales to sell and Fill Events More Easily

From stressed out to sold out, this call will be where we dive into creating effective marketing strategies to fill your events with more ease. Possible topics include copy and sales pages that convert, the marketing strategies that really move the needle, optimizing your sales process, pricing strategy and more.



✔ Private FB Support Group VALUED AT $2,000

There will be a WhatsApp group during the accelerator for another layer of support in between our weekly calls. Celebrate wins, share any insights, ask questions from the group and lean in for additional support from Tanya and the group members. 

✔ Private Community VALUE: Priceless

Collaborate, connect, ask questions, get feedback and input from other incredible entrepreneurs also dedicated to delivering Epic Experiences. Learn and share insights, best practices, lessons, what’s working and what’s not to learn through others’ mistakes (so that you don’t make the same) and success (to accelerate your own). 


✔ Lifetime access to the session recordings


Over the last decade, I've played over 1,000 events in 40+ countries from Coachella to the UN.  What makes working on events with Tanya unique is that she truly creates an experience that sticks with you forever. Creating an event in 2020 and breaking through all the noise is more difficult than ever -- Tanya is an ace at it, simply because her event design creates meaningful memories that transform lives. From underground caves and epic venues to immersive sensory adventure rooms, some of the highlights of my career have been with Tanya. Beyond her experience of successful events, she contains one of the rarest gifts in the events industry -- the passion, heart, and strong WHY she brings. She truly cares about building strong communities to create a more beautiful world.


David Block
Artist, Producer & Experience Designer

Wow! I'm absolutely blown away by the amount of information, guidance, specific, and clear help I received from my session with Tanya.

She helped us to get focused and understand our clients, pricing, marketing, and advertising on a very deep and clear level. This amount of information is truly invaluable and moving our retreat business to a new level at a pace I only formerly dreamed of.  

Jill Jordan

CEO of Jill Jordan Sound Living

I didn't hesitate to work with Tanya to help us level up the experience of our #WeAllGrow Summit. 

Though we've always had a sold-out conference, there's room to grow and we wanted to consciously take time to reimagine what that experience can evolve into and how to better serve our community.

Tanya's experience in designing epic events is just what we needed.

She helped us see the event from different perspectives and think in a more expansive way.

From budgets to venues, to creating unique magical experiences, Tanya had new insights and expert guidance.

We're so excited to bring back #WeAllGrow Summit in 2022 after a two-year hiatus (thanks to COVID!) with a reimagined experience in every aspect.

Ana Flores

Founder & CEO, #WeAllGrow

Total value of the Epic Events Accelerator: $7000

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The Epic Events Accelerator is ideal for you if:

You’re an established entrepreneur, brand or coach who is already organizing events and want to take things to the next level.

You’ve got your events off the ground and receive great feedback from attendees and are ready to make them even better when it comes to how profitable they are, the client experience and WOW factor and how easily you’re able to sell and fill them. 

You’re making profits on your events but know that you’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible. You don’t buy into the myth that events or retreats can’t be profitable and are excited for what’s possible

While you want your events to be profitable, money isn’t the driver. You’re motivated by delivering an epic experience, having a bigger impact, leading a movement, building community and creating a space for deep transformation.

While you love the cash money and all the opportunities it gives, what truly drives you is creating epic experiences, making a positive impact, building a community and movement, stepping into your leadership and leading not only a business but LIFE of freedom, magic, abundance and everything you love. 

You have a solid foundation of event experience and want to sprinkle in the magic dust that will take your event from great to UNFORGETTABLE. 


After only one session I was able to develop a strategy for an entire year, this is true value and the best investment I've made in my business thus far!

Tanya was able to craft new perspective and provided insights that were always there but unexplored. It was as if she pulled out all the great things in me I already had but wasn't maximizing. 

Tanya is truly a magician!


Peter Lucas
Founder, A Life OnPurpose

My sessions with Tanya were better than all the ideas I've come across in my many years in business!

She helped elevate my mindset, strategy and implementation through straight up feedback and a path to reach my new, much higher goals.

She truly provided just what I needed to break through my limitations of what I thought was possible. If I would have had her program years ago, it would have saved me years of struggle, wondering if I would ever make my dream biz profitable! 

Cynthia Wong
Founder, Cynthia Travels Yoga Adventure Retreats

Got Questions? I've got answers.

Have any more questions? Email the team at [email protected]

About Your Guide

Hi, I'm Tanya!

I’m an event and business strategist and experience designer who's created world-class events globally for 10 years + that many call “the best experience of my life.”

Using soulful strategy, I work with heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches and lightworkers to create awe-inspiring programs and experiences to grow their brand, business and community so they can make a bigger impact in the world.

I'm the previous Head of Events for Mindvalley, where I found my passion for designing transformational experiences, created and scaled the company’s signature event A-Fest and oversaw the multi-million-dollar events division. 

Prior to leaving the corporate world to pursue dreams of adventure, self-exploration and entrepreneurship, I worked with the biggest names in music, TV and sports as a marketing and communications exec for high-profile companies and clients like Nike, NBC Universal, Neiman Marcus and the Emmy Awards. 

Most recently, when covid hit and my live events business was crushed in 2020,  I pivoted my business to coaching and consulting where, within 6 months, I became fully booked with premium clients and celebrated my first 5-figure month. 

Today, bridging the worlds of business and spirituality, I extract 15+ years of branding, marketing, communication and events experience to guide my clients to their next level of success.

I’m excited and honored to share this journey with you.