Empowered Embodiment


A 12-Week Inner Temple Journey to Reconnect with Body, Heart, Spirit and Your Sacred Self. 

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You Are Made For More Than a Busy, Disconnected Existence of Endless To-Do Lists and Non-Stop Hustle


Hell to the NO. You Are Meant for Magic, Deep Connection and an Intentional Life and Business Aligned to Your Soul’s Purpose and Heart’s Desire


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I know what it's like to be "Successful" yet know deep inside that there's something more. Rather than thriving, things feel more like:

  • Being stuck on a hamster wheel not being able to slow down to enjoy the juice of life
  • Giving endlessly to those around you, wishing you could have more “me” time to explore yourself and life outside of work and business
  • You’re ready for another way of running your life and business with greater alignment and connection to feel that you're truly using your gifts and meeting your potential
  • You desire more balance and alignment and you’ve sacrificed relationships, your freedom and well-being long enough
  • You went into entrepreneurship for a life of freedom yet find yourself far from the ideal day you had imagined 
  • You feel stagnant and uninspired and are seeking clarity on what's your next big and exciting move 
  • Recurrent feelings of stress and the nagging sensation that you're living out of alignment with your true potential 
  • You’re chasing money, status and perhaps someone else’s dreams only to find you’ve lost yourself in all the busy-ness. That you’ve been living out of connection with your heart’s desire, soul’s calling and the bigger picture.

You Know That The Path to Live in Greatest Possible Alignment With Your Heart and Biggest Hopes and Dreams Is The One Worth Taking... 


But, You’re Caught in the Hustle. 


If This Resonates With You On A Deep Level, I See You and I Feel You. The Struggle is Real and it’s How I Felt Too. It’s how I came into this work.


Are You Ready to Reconnect With Your Essence, Step Into Your Full Power and Consciously Design Your Life and Business as Your Greatest Work of Art?

Mariana Created a Soul-Aligned Vision and Gained Tools for Making it a Reality...

Mariana Grace, Coach & Hypnotherapist

"When I decided to focus on growing my business and brand to the next level, Tanya helped me channel a vision for my soul-aligned business, identify the steps in bringing it to life, and helped me uncover what was standing in the way of achieving my goals. What drew me to working with Tanya was her track record of successful business experiences as well as her female leadership. In our coaching experience, she always makes me the complete focus of the session with her undivided attention, presence and guidance that has helped me uncover important insights and inspired me to take action steps that have made a significant difference in evolving my business and step even more into my leadership. Through my sessions with her, I feel inspired, supported and I am more clear on my next steps and on how I want to show up in the world."

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Just Imagine What Life Could Look and Feel Like...


✓ Waking Up in the Morning Feeling Excited and Inspired by Your Life Vision and Connected to a Higher Purpose




✓ Having Go-To Connective Practices That Help Get You Into Your Best Vibe, Energy and Magnetic Mindset 


✓ Doing Work that you Love Where You Share Your Greatest Gifts and Creative Expression, Feel in Flow, Work with Soulmate Clients and Are Rewarded Financially For Your Impact and Contributions 


✓ Feeling Deeply Connected To Your Intuition, Following Your Highest Excitement and Making Decisions from the Heart 


✓ Experiencing Greater Presence and Pleasure Throughout the Day, Honoring Your Body and Emotions and Allowing Spaciousness For Creativity and Inspiration 


✓ Standing in Your Truth, Sharing Your Unique Expression and Showing Up Authentically With Passion and Confidence 


✓ Having Time and Energy for Nourishing Relationships, Self-Care, Creative Projects, Mini-Adventures, Rest and Whatever You Feel Called To Explore 


✓ Developing a magnetic mindset to draw the right people and opportunities to you rather than pushing and forcing 


✓ Leading your life and business with heArt, intention, balance and feeling empowered with a deep sense of self worth and belief

It's Not Your Fault Life Doesn't Look Like This Quite Just Yet.


There Are Powerful Forces In The Way...


  • Society tells us we should focus on chasing money, likes and status which actually leave us unfulfilled. Instead, you can define what success means to you personally and create a clear vision for yourself and your life that deeply inspires and excites you. 


  • We think we need to “find our purpose” when actually it’s in our power to create our purpose. To consciously design the life of our dreams  — to use the powers of intention and inspired action to lead a purposeful life. 


  • There is so much importance placed on “doing” and on living from the mind that it leaves us disconnected from the body and heart which hold a deep and natural intelligence. Instead of living solely from the mind, we can have a holistic approach to our lives that also focuses on body and spirit.  

I Get It, Dear One. I've Been There Too. 


I started hustling at a young age, working two jobs from 15 years old, putting myself through college while working, graduating top of my class and then climbing the corporate America ladder quickly. I had the things that were “supposed” to make me happy but was unfulfilled and longing for something more. 


In all my doing and accomplishing I had hardened and became disconnected from my heart, my body, my feelings and my femininity. I prioritized career and accomplishment and lacked deep and nourishing relationships. In one word, I was disconnected. From myself, from others and from some greater meaning and purpose. 


I embarked on a deep inner journey to reconnect with myself and dove deep into self-discovery and spiritual arts. I explored the mystical, the depths of my heart and the art of connection.  


Today, I’ve created a business with great intention built around my values that allows me to live and work from anywhere. I love to bridge the worlds of business & entrepreneurship with the mystical & spiritual and to help others do the same. To live an intentional life of passion, profit and purpose. 


Ready to Dive Deep Together?


Yes, I'm Ready to Level Up!

Introducing... Empowered Embodiment: An Inner Temple Journey


The Coaching Program for  Entrepreneurs Who Want To Lead Life and Business With More Connection, Purpose, Freedom and HeArt 


Here’s how this private 1:1 coaching program is unique and different from other life coaching programs:


Unlike an online course which has no personalized or customized support or generalized life coaching that does not have a specific outcome, this program mixes powerful content and curriculum with personalized and deep coaching for the deepest results and transformation. 


I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on trainings, courses, travels and studies for the last decade. This program takes the best of what I’ve learned and experienced and distills it into a powerful and affordable program with 1:1 customized guidance and support. 


I’ve also crushed it in corporate America, worked with many A-listers and ran a six figure business. With my background and experience, I’m able to bridge the worlds of business and spirituality like very few can. It’s all about the powerful mix of passion, purpose and profit. Everything in balance baby, including you. 


Our work together will cover mind, body and spirit which is foundational to achieving harmony and balance in life and business as a leader. I’ve got you, all of you! 


Yes, I'm Ready to Level Up!

Kasia Removed Blockages and Dismantled Limiting Beliefs

Kasia DesRocher, Facilitator

"Working with Tanya has been a real delight. Over multiple sessions, we dove into different areas of my life where I felt stuck and was seeking clarity... and I’m really grateful that I reached out to her for support. I appreciate her gentle guidance and invitation to set some clear and achievable goals. Her incredible ability to be fully present with whatever was alive for me helped me relax and dive even deeper to see my blockages and things that no longer serve me. I’ve felt incredibly supported on the path of dismantling my limiting beliefs and finding new ways to surrender and embrace life FULLY!"

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Just Imagine... 12 Short Weeks From Now... 


You’re feeling connected, purposeful and balanced.


You’ve created a clear vision for yourself, your life and your business that has you jumping out of bed every morning feeling excited and inspired.


And you're taking consistent inspired action toward your dreams.  


Life Is Juicy Again!


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You wake up without an alarm in the morning and take time for a sacred morning ritual that leaves you feeling connected, balanced and ready to meet the day in your best energy and vibe 


You love and honor your body as your temple and express love and gratitude when you pass a mirror 


You’ve consciously created a predictable schedule for your business - you can take a few hours off for a yoga session or a long lunch with friends without stressing or even looking at the phone 


You’re focused and efficient with your time - no more running around putting out last-minute fires (and if something does come up, you handle it with grace) 


You aren’t counting the days anymore til the weekend or holiday or feel the need to “escape” your daily life, because you love it! 


✓  You have soul-mate clients and customers that are raving fans of your work and leave you energized and inspired after your interactions - you love serving them


You follow your highest excitement -- you go for things when it’s a full YES and gracefully decline and say NO to things that aren’t in true alignment for you (without feeling guilty)


You set the time that you end your working day and have family, fun or “me” time with full presence and enjoyment -- no more ending the day exhausted and cranky because you gave all day to others from an empty cup

You go to sleep at night with a full heart and gratitude for another day being able to do what you love -- using your greatest gifts and talents to make a positive impact. And, you feel lit up for what’s ahead!

Here's How We'll Embark on This Powerful Inner Journey Together


  • 9 private 1:1 video coaching sessions with Tanya with the option to record for playback and lifetime access. You have my full attention, support and guidance throughout the coaching program — I’m there with you every step of the way to help navigate obstacles and celebrate your wins.


  • Weekly themes, topics and practices to explore AND plenty of flexibility and spaciousness to be present with whatever is there for you on a weekly basis. 


  • Custom-tailored tools, practices and resources for your growth to do in your own time to further integrate our coaching call and the weekly topic or theme. All are designed to help you connect more deeply with yourself and to develop habits and rituals that serve and support you.


  • A safe, sacred space during sessions and throughout the 12-week program where you are free to explore and reconnect with all your expressions -- from the soft and tender to the wild and raw. A place to liberate body, mind and spirit and to be deeply held, nourished, guided and supported throughout the process.


  • Between sessions message support during weekdays

Your Investment: $1,200 Per Month For The Transformation of a Lifetime


I'm Ready!

The Empowered Embodiment Program is Built on 3 Foundational Pillars That Will Set You Up For Next-Level Success

Pillar 1: Magnetic Mindset 

Mindset is fundamental to any transformation or personal development so we’ll dive deep into making your mindset and thoughts your greatest ally.


We'll cover: 

✓ Creating a clear vision of your greatest self and ideal life across key categories that deeply excites and inspires you and serves as your north star.

✓ Developing empowering habits and mindset that set you up for success.

✓ The incredible power of intention and mastering your energy and mindset so that you become magnetic, drawing in people and opportunities for your highest good. 

✓ Limiting belief systems and blindspots that are holding you back and replacing them with frameworks that serve and empower you. 

✓ Mapping out your core values to live in high alignment.

Pillar 2: Embodiment & Connection To Self

Your connection to yourself is the foundation for a deep connection to others and to life. Reconnecting with your body, emotions, heart and higher purpose is fundamental to our work together and the program.


We'll cover: 

✓ Deeply inhabiting and feeling at home in your physical and emotional body, using the power of your emotions to step more fully into your power

✓ Self-love and care practices to connect more deeply to the unique healing abilities of your body

✓ Personal practices and tools to get into your best and most magnetic energy and vibration 

✓ Quieting and dropping from the monkey mind into the body and its’ natural intelligence 

✓ Ways to connect with your heart and follow your highest excitement for greater pleasure on a daily basis

✓ Developing a morning ritual and practice (a powerful and hidden key to your success and optimizing your day)

Pillar 3: Inspired Action


This isn’t a program that’s all fluff without strategy and an actual action plan to get you closer to your goals. We’ll dive into strategy and how to take consistent inspired action so that you are feeling progress and seeing results.


We'll cover: 

✓ Masculine / Feminine (Yin / Yang) integration to combine strategy and inspired action with rest and spaciousness so that you can feel balanced and in flow

✓ Stepping up as an aligned leader in your business making intuitive and heart-led decisions 

✓ Aligning your business and work to your values and a higher purpose for deeper fulfillment and impact

✓ Practical and tangible ways to bring in more ease and flow into the business and time and space into your schedule 

✓ Setting weekly action points and accountability to make quick progress and see results 


Included Bonus ($197 Value): 


5 Days to Magical Mornings: An Audio Training Series to Elevate your Vibration, Mindset and Energy & Supercharge your Day

Kickstart Your Morning Ritual and Practice With:

  • 5 powerful audio training practices 
  • One 30-minute guided morning practice that brings all the practices together that you can use again and again to supercharge your mornings 
  • Bonus training to connect with your higher self 
  • Bonus playlist to get your body moving

Prajnya Used “5 Days to Magical Mornings” and Experienced The Deepest Connection She’s Felt in Ages

Prajnya, Dubai

"I did a practice that Tanya sent me and I’m so, so grateful for it. I had been going through a very rough time and had been trying to shake off difficult emotions, but couldn’t. I did the meditation and honestly I have no words to express what I felt while doing it. I’ve never felt this connected and strong in a long, long time. It was the most beautiful and intimate meditation experience I’ve ever had. I had tears during the last dance because I finally felt so good after a long time."

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Yes, I'm Ready to Level Up!

Tanya’s coaching helped Suranga increase his energy, productivity and “crush” his goals

Suranga DaSilva, San Francisco

"Over the course of my sessions with Tanya I was able to work through a lot of blockages and unresolved feelings that had been holding me back. She helped me find clarity on what was not working in my life. With her guidance I was able to make adjustments to my routine that have had significant impacts on my well-being. Since working with Tanya I've become significantly more productive, have more energy, and am crushing my goals! If you're looking to grow, work through blocks, or cultivate a strong mindset, I'd highly recommend working with Tanya!"

Ellie changed her internal narrative to a more empowered one

Ellie, Israel

"Tanya provides a safe space and takes an introspective approach. She asks relevant questions that allow you to reconsider the narrative you are telling yourself. She also empowers and inspires you to take practical steps towards making the changes that serve you and take action toward achieving your goals.

If you value self growth and results, I highly recommend Tanya is an incredible coach to have in your corner, offering guidance, empowerment and support!"

NOW Is The Right Time For You To Take Action, Stop Playing Small and Level-Up To Step Into Your Power As The Natural-Born Creative Leader You Are


To create a beautiful life vision and master your mindset and energy to bring it to life. To gain the tools, habits and strategy to take inspired action toward your goals and dreams.


All while being guided, supported and celebrated throughout the whole process. 


Why waste more days, months, years putting off living your life fully and stepping into your gifts and power? 

How long have you been telling yourself that “soon” you will put yourself first and give the dream in your heart the attention it deserves? How much more time will you let slip by before you choose a breakthrough instead of a breakdown?


The Time Is Now, Precious One.


My Empowered Leadership 1:1 Coaching Program has limited space and is open for enrollment and at the current price only until November 2020. After that it won’t open again until February 2021 at a higher rate.


Take The Leap Your Heart and Soul is Guiding You To.  I'll Meet You There...

Tanya Lopez

Official Bio


Tanya is a transformational experience designer who’s mission is to bring more connection and expansion into the world through her coaching programs and events. 

As a Certified Authenticity & Embodiment Life Coach, she works with entrepreneurs to intentionally design a purpose-driven and freedom-based life and business. She draws on a successful and high-profile corporate career working with leading companies like Nike, Mindvalley and NBC-Universal as well as a decade of studying and training in various healing and spiritual modalities.

Her unique background allows her bridge the worlds of business and entrepreneurship with the spiritual and mystical like few can and to guide clients in balancing a life of purpose, profit and passion. 

As the previous head of global events for Mindvalley and Creative Director of A-Fest, she is also an event and experience designer, organizing transformational events around the world that many attendees call “the best experience of my life.”