5 WAYS TO USE LIVE EVENTS To Build your Business, Brand + Community

These are a few powerful ways to to weave in live events into your business strategy in 2023 πŸš€

1. Use live events to bring together existing or previous clients and deepen your connection with them. Nothing beats face-to-face connection for nourishing relationships.

2. Deliver online events of value for your ideal client, give them a taste of your work and extend an invitation to take the next step and work together. 

3. Create live events as a way to build a Tribe and community around your work.  Like-minded people connecting around a clear and shared mission and movement = MAGIC. 

4. Use live events to deliver your deepest and most potent work. There is simply no substitute for the deep transformation and impact that can be made in a LIVE setting. 

5. If you’re a coach, teacher or consultant delivering most of your work online, include 1 or more live events as part of your program or offer to increase its value. 

if you’d like some guidance in making some of these ideas come to life and getting really smart and strategic on leveraging live events to have a bigger impact, deepen the connection with your community and create another 6 or 7 figures of revenue, reach out to me via email [email protected] or via DM Instagram . I'd love to hear what events you're running this year!


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