How To Get Clients Who re-enroll and Repeat Attendees at Events!

Here’s a few stats I’m very proud of: I’ve had over 50% of clients re-enroll to work together.

When I was the head of Mindvalley Events, we had up to 60% repeat attendees for our events.

What's the secret sauce that has people come back again and again and want to stay plugged into your world?

I’ll tell you what it’s NOT (which is what so many coaches, brands + marketers focus on!):

❌ Slick sales strategies like buyer psychology, how to “overcome” objections

❌ Fancy copywriting that “gets into the minds” of people

❌ Smoke and mirror marketing that promises the world but doesn’t deliver

This stuff might get people in the door. But it won’t get them to come back.


The thing that leads to repeat attendees + clients is focusing on delivery and CLIENT EXPERIENCE.

This means:

βœ… What people FEEL and experience through your work or event

βœ… The transformation you create + the way you hold them in the process

βœ… The way you facilitate deep connection + create tribe, community, a sense of belonging

βœ… The overall experience, attendee or client journey that you curate with heart and soul

Focusing on delivering an EPIC EXPERIENCE is the thing that will have your people come back. Bringing friends & loved ones. Signing up for your next event without knowing where or when it is. Posting glowing photos & vids on socials and serving as walking brand ambassadors for you. Offering the most loving testimonials that sell your event for you.

When I ran Mindvalley Events, yes, I was an event producer. But more than anything, I was an experience designer. Lovingly curating what many called “the best experience of my life.”

Curious to know how to apply the most effective principles of experience design to your event or program to bring the WOW factor that leaves people talking for years? Want to learn the behind-the-scenes thought process & social engineering of world-class experiences? How to create raving brand fans that help fill your programs?

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