How Events Became My WHY


To bring beauty, connection + expansion into the world through transformational events + experiences ✨ 

But lemme back up + share a lil bit HOW this became my WHY…  

While I currently live in Ubud, Bali, where there is a strong conscious community….  

This wasn’t always the case… I grew up in an environment where inner work, personal growth and conscious living was NOT a thing. In fact, I was pretty much at the opposite end of that spectrum… 

I then went on to hustle my way through corporate and became the youngest exec in the room…  

All the while.. I had an ache, a longing, a knowing

Fast forward 5 years or so and I’m at Burning Man, having my mind + heart blown open. I’m at a festival, doing breathwork, eyegazing and high on life. I’m at a Kundalini tantra retreat doing 10 hours a day of practice and feeling deeply connected to others and to something greater. I’m at ecstatic dance diving into my insecurities and inhibitions and embarking on an embodiment journey that would last years. I’m at a sweat lodge ceremony getting the insight to quit my job. I’m 2 weeks in Peruvian jungle doing medicine ceremonies, connecting with loved ones in other realms & universal consciousness. I’m diving into all the personal growth + healing work I can get my hands on. 

Notice a theme? 

The settings I just described are… EVENTS. 

Beyond that, they were events that were deep + transformational EXPERIENCES.  

That rocked me to the core.  

That opened my eyes to a new world.  

That changed the trajectory of my life.  

That changed ME.  

Which is all to say…. 

I believe in the power of moments.  

Moments that take your breath away.  

Moments that create deep connection to yourself, to others + to something greater.  

Moments that CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 

I trust in the power of beauty + deep connection to heal.  

THIS is how events became my WHY. 

Because they were and will always be all that & more to me.


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