Tanya Lopez Testimonials on Retreats by Mayke Niestadt

Client love ❀️

What would it look like to take your events and experiences from great to UNFORGETTABLE? 

I’d love to help you find out ;) 

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Incredible clients like Mayke often come to me when they’re already organizing amazing sold-out events that get rave reviews. 

And, because they are brilliant at what they do, they don’t stop there. 

There is always that next level. And sometimes an experienced and outside perspective can help you see what that looks like… 

From elevating pricing and business models to enhancing the agenda and attendee experience to improving profit margins and building a strong and loving brand community, we look at allllll the things happening in the business of events and see how to elevate it even further. 

We dream, envision, create and expand into that next level… It’s waiting for you… ✨


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