Why I quit my 6-figure dream job

Early in my career, I used to think that hustle and grind got you to your dreams.

If I can work hard *enough* for long *enough* then I’ll be successful. And maybe then, I’ll be happy…

This is what got me to start working 2 jobs at the age of 15, put myself through college, and go on to graduate with the highest honors.

As a Latina growing up in a strict household, it felt like working hard was the “right” way to do things.

I was a hustler, and it’s what got me to six-figures working for high-profile companies like Nike and NBC-Universal - while still in my 20s.

But my journey wouldn’t end there…

I kept climbing higher up the ranks as a communication & marketing exec… working with A-list artists, celebs, CEO's and athletes... getting the brands I was working for massive exposure...jet setting around to red carpet events.

But it wasn't all launch parties and cocktails.

Although my life looked like a “success story” from the outside… I was pretty unhappy at times on the inside.

All the years of hustle and grind were taking their toll and I had nagging feelings of unfulfillment and doubt that I was on the right path.

Deep down, a whisper in my heart was telling me that I wasn’t meeting my true potential and purpose. There was a quiet, relentless nudge inside my soul.

The message started to get louder: I needed to quit the hustle and pursue my dreams to find my unique path.

And one day, I did it.

I took the leap, and left the corporate world and the hustle culture to pursue a life of freedom, purpose, and potential. 

I traveled to over 60 countries > found the world of personal growth > fell in love with it > found my passion and dream biz and have since devoted my life to ongoing personal and professional growth and helping others do the same. Spiritual entrepreneurship is my new journey.

I’ve studied healing and spiritual modalities from incredible mentors all over the world AND built a lucrative career and coaching business that I LOVE. 

If you too feel the nudge that there's something MORE and you're ready to claim it... To intentionally build the life and biz that calls you...

Get in touch with me to explore working together in a way where we get to do life and business together in a profound, potent VORTEX of possibility and expansion. A place where you build not only your DREAM biz but the life of greatness you KNOW you’re meant for. 


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