Insights for Big Decisions and Transitions

Something BIG has been moving & unfolding for me...

It's exciting. And scary.

It's a life-altering decision that's initiating me into letting go of who I've been and stepping up into my next version.

Here are some insights in case you too are going through a transition or big decision.. .

1. Feeling fear is normal when doing something BIG that requires us to stretch, and grow. It's powerful inner work to look at the fears, to see which are untrue stories to keep us safe & which are valid needs + desires.

I used to subscribe to "If it's not a F yes, it's a no," but as I make bigger decisions & moves, I see things that are a YES are not always a F yes. Because a F yes is often within our comfort zone and big, brave, bold things we haven't done before are often not.

2. A good question if you're not a F Yes is "How do I make this a F yes?" What would I ask & have in place to take the leap? This leads to pretty amazing self-inquiry and may lead to some difficult/vulnerable conversations to share your needs, desires, boundaries, and expectations. You need to be prepared to speak your truth, stand in integrity & walk away if you can't have it as you truly want it.

3. When making any big decision we can look at it from A. Fear + Scarcity (What can I potentially LOSE from this?) or B. Possibility + Abundance (What can I potentially GAIN from this?) One is contracting, the other is expansive. One empowers, one defeats. One will likely lead to a NO and one to a YES.

4. As you step into something big + new (whether a new love or new biz), there can be the question "Can I hold this bigger thing?" Energetically, emotionally, physically, mentally. It's a beautiful practice to notice what you can hold & how to open to more - more love, abundance, leadership, disappointment, acceptance, trust.

One way is reflection + gratitude. How far have I come? What have I created in my life that was previously a dream? Mmmmm yes, all that. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Soak it in. Integrate it. Gratitude digests the goodness to create space for more. πŸ™πŸ½

All of these insights help me grow into a better person and play a huge role in my spiritual growth and in leading me to become a better coach for women.


Let me know if you can relate in the comments below! 

P.S. Reach out if you're ready for MORE and would like to be fully supported and guided in the process. 


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