Part Business, Part Magic

My approach as a spiritual entrepreneur is part business, part magic ๐Ÿ”ฎโœจ

The biz part of me climbed to 6-figures in corporate as a high-level exec for companies like NBC and Nike where I put clients on the map through major media placements, disruptive marketing campaigns & red carpet events. 

Part of this journey was living in New York, L.A, Miami & Kuala Lumpur working with VIP artists, athletes, celebs, authors & the biggest names in personal growth.

It also included winning a contest for the World’s Most Awesome Job as Head of Events for Mindvalley and overseeing tens of millions of dollars in transformational events and creating and scaling a global Tribe and world-class event. 

Today, I extract 15+ years of branding, marketing, communication, event strategy & events experience to give the best event consulting program. I advise, strategize and guide clients to break through to their next level of success. This results-driven part of me embodies professionalism, organization and groundedness that's rare in the personal growth industry. 

I love that part of me.

And I also love the part that's pure magic. ๐Ÿ’ซ

The part that acts with a deep set of good intention + intuition. That starts each day with dance, prayer and connecting to the cosmos. That follows my heart, highest excitement and truth, and will encourage you to do the same. ๐Ÿ’•

This is the part of me that extracts your X factor, shines back your brilliance and creates new possibilities. That weaves magic dust throughout your event, program or business that brings the WOW. The part that creates what many call "the best experience of my life."

As a successful spiritual entrepreneur. My work bridges the worlds of business and spirit. Masculine and feminine energy. Entrepreneurship and personal growth. Head and heart. Passion and purpose with profit. โœจ

I like it this way. For me, it must be this way.

All business with no magic leads to burnout, work without heart and soul. All magic without business makes for starving artists, airy fairy wishing, and “manifesting” without financial stability, grounded strategy, action or results. We should set  our intentions big and 

If this resonates with you at a deep level and you’d like to walk this path together, I'd love to connect about how we can co-create magic together in your life + business by scheduling a time to speak here 


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