Looking for CLARITY?

Are you looking for CLARITY?

If so, here’s something that helped me…

Clarity comes from ACTION, not thinking.

For so long, I thought I could THINK my way to clarity. To my best next steps, what to focus on, my business strategy, my next career move or offer. I even thought I could think my way to knowing my purpose. 🀦🏽‍♀️ 

Now I understand clarity comes from action. 

Not sure if you want to coach? Try it and see how it feels. 

Not sure what offer to choose? Pick 1 to start, see how you feel delivering it and how people respond. Don’t like it? Try another.

Want clarity on your niche? It’s not written in stone, choose the one that most excites you, see how it goes and adjust accordingly.

It really can be that simple. 

You don’t need to go into paralysis by analysis. You don’t need to fear making a wrong decision (there is none). This way of thinking will help your personal growth and development.

I’m not 100% clear of anything. I try, test and know I can always adjust based on how I feel. This is SO liberating rather than thinking I need to have it all perfectly figured out to start.

If you WAIT for clarity, to be “ready,” to have no fear... You may wait forever. 

Here’s what I AM clear on:

Following my heart’s desire + soul’s calling, making a positive impact using my gifts & bringing ALL parts of myself to the table.

What exactly that looks like, I figure out as I go along.  I’m devoted to the process of finding out and becoming who I'm meant to be. πŸ™πŸ½

If you are feeling called to something, honor your inner knowing guiding you to that experience.

And then, see what magic unfolds to support you. ✨



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