Your reality is created by the quality of your experiences.

Your reality is created by the quality of your experiences.

Any moment can become an experience. ✨

A chat with a friend in a cafe can become an experience when you are deeply present and share from the heart with vulnerability and let yourself be seen and felt in your unpolished rawness.

An evening in with your love becomes an experience when you turn off Netflix and take turns whispering intimate desires and appreciations for each other by candlelight.

A walk on the beach becomes an experience when you pause to feel the wind, soak in the beauty and sounds of nature, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, feel your heart and give gratitude for being alive.

A flopped launch in business becomes an initiation when you reframe failure as experience and lead yourself out of the not good enough stories and show up again the next week with bravery and newfound insights and learnings.

A solo night in a hotel room can become an experience when you light some candles, order room service and a glass of wine, run a bubble bath, put on some sexy music and bask in your own company.

Your frustration and anger becomes an experience of transmutation and alchemy when you have a rage ritual and let yourself be a nasty howling wild mess for as long as needed to move energy and emotion.


It's up to you.

You can spend the day glued to your device in a Metaverse trance or you can look up, take in the sky and stars, look deeply into the eyes of the people around you and create intentional moments and experiences throughout your day.

It's in your power to create this. When you do this, you experience life as sacred. Life becomes art.


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