Why a Morning Practice Is The Best Thing Ever

I've found a morning practice to be one of the hidden keys to optimizing my day, mindset and energy. Over time, this daily practice or ritual has had a huge impact on the quality of my life. 

In this short video I talk a bit more about the importance of a morning practice. I actually prefer to call it a ritual than a practice to infuse it even more with intention. This is about building a foundational practice -- taking the first moments or hour of the day to go within and connect with yourself sets the tone for the rest of the day. 

A morning practice can be different for everyone. I'd invite you to have fun exploring different practices to see what feels best for you. For me personally, I have a toolkit of different practices I use depending on how I feel on any given day. Usually though my daily ritual consists of movement (usually dance or yoga), meditation, journaling and sometimes breathwork. I take at least one hour for myself in the morning before turning on my phone and turning my attention externally. 


Are you already doing a morning practice or ritual and, if so, what's it include? 


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