Quick Way to Deeper Conversation + Connection


Do you ever find yourself bored or checked out when in conversation with someone? 

For most of us, this probably happens more than we’d like. 

A few years ago, I found myself craving deeper connection and intimacy in my life. I had come to associate intimacy as something that comes from romantic relationships which only left me starving for it in periods of being single… This desire for deeper connection led me to study and eventually become a certified facilitator in Authentic Relating. 

I think of Authentic Relating as a form of conscious communication and way to come into deeper connection with myself and to others. It’s been INCREDIBLE for me in my coaching practice, my personal life and in facilitating and hosting events and workshops. 

Just the other day, I hosted an Authentic Relating session for an online retreat and most people shared that my portion of the retreat was their highlight -- the deep connection they were able to experience with other attendees in just a short session. 

I created this video with an explanation of 3 levels of conversation and a quick and simple way to drop into deeper connection with someone. 

I would love to hear from you if you try it :) 

Lots of love and wishing you lots of juicy and deep connection.


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