What are you celebrating + calling in this New Year? ✨

What are you celebrating + calling in this New Year? ✨

Rather than charging into the new year full of resolutions and lofty goals (that sometimes has not-no-motivating energy of needing to change or fix things) here's what I like to do instead...

If I first take time to reflect on the past year and acknowledge and celebrate my growth in female entrepreneurship! My milestones and highlights, I’m in a much better place to think of my desires and intentions for the new year from a place of gratitude and excitement. 🎉

Some of what I’m celebrating in 2021 includes:  

✨Deepening my love, connection and devotion in my romantic relationship

✨ Creating 2 soul-aligned signature programs that I LOVE - Epic Experience Design & Monetize My Magic

✨ Celebrating my first 5-figure month as a brand new coach and then hitting that consistently 

✨ Working with dream clients on creating transformational programs & experiences and expanding their impact through amazing event design 

✨ Having epic adventures all over beautiful Bali with my love and friends 

✨ Prioritizing my health by working with a personal trainer, nutritionist, doing a few detox programs & more 

✨ Hiring 2 superwomen team members

✨ Investing and diversifying my income streams

✨ Celebrating my clients as they step further into their magic, business, expression and purpose, it is amazing to see them grow through my event consulting and event strategy.

✨ Investing big time in my growth and upleveling by hiring coaches, mentors, specialists and joining a high-level mastermind in 2022

✨ Moving into a house I'm so happy in and sharing it with my love

I'm so grateful for this wild ride! 

And, now it’s time to write the next chapter and I want it to be EPIC ;) 🔥

This year, my main priorities are intentionally growing my biz and enjoying the process, deepening in love and devotion in my partnership and prioritizing my emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

And, I’m excited to expand my offerings: 

Epic Experience Design to support entrepreneurs and coaches in creating magical and profitable programs that grow their biz, brand and community. 

Monetize My Magic for new and early coaches / consultants to package up their magic into a transformational online program and call in dream clients 


What are YOU celebrating and calling in? Anything we have in common? 
Also to start your 2022 journey I would like to share with you some free tips for creating events 

 Big big love for 2022!


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